A Very Chipmunk Christmas

As quickly as it came, Christmas is over and I’m sitting on an nearly empty train (there is literally one other person in my car) heading back to work for the week. Here are some Christmas highlights from my family’s house up in Sacramento….

We are so cool that we got to hang with Alvin and the Chipmunks (Chipwrecked, by the way, is truly Oscar-worthy).

There was lots of dog cuddling.

I finally got my Christmas decorations.

Food was plentiful – sizzling bacon (not for us), creamy twice baked potatoes, Brussels sprouts, this amazing paella that I don’t have pictures of because everyone ate it, and so many desserts that I’m swearing off sugar for at least a month.

Gifts received included some mustache inspiration and Handerpants – which, according to the packaging, have over 100 uses including nighttime blogging and protecting the hands of the elderly. Alex and I received a matching set…perhaps they can become my biking or weightlifting gloves?

And I don’t have photos, but as a true testament to why my family all belongs together, in our gag gift exchange TWO of us bought singalong Justin Bieber toothbrushes. It doesn’t get much better.

And then we saw some people who took the Christmas decorations to a whole new level.

We left yesterday early afternoon with the hopes of hitting no traffic. Those hopes were dashed, but we eventually got home, got some take out, I put on my adult bib, and we enjoyed a delicious (and I’m sure, very healthy….) meal together.

Apron = adult bib.

Alex then went into video game zone and I finished the final Hunger Games book in 3 hours. I liked it, even though I thought it ended hastily – I wish there had been a more drawn out wrap up at the end. But she must have done something right, because I tossed and turned with anxious, crazy dreams all night.

Needless to say, I didn’t get up for my workout this morning, but I optimistically brought my workout clothes with me to work, so we’ll see. I did manage to get a weight lifting session, a run, a yoga practice, and two super long walks in over the weekend so I am feeling pretty good about that. Now I just have to get the sugar monster back under control!





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