Culinary Adventures with Mom

My camera and I appear to be on a break. I’d like to say it’s out of some deeper intention to live more in the present instead of recording it (a la Rent), but really it’s just laziness. Even though I’m usually already carrying my camera, pulling it out seems to interrupt the flow of good times and conversation. Without pictures though, I have to rely on my memory to describe the amazing entree I had at a restaurant or the beautiful blue sky over the bay or the cutest dog ever that I saw at the farmers’ market.

Ironically, at this time last year I was taking photos every day for Project 365. I also wasn’t working so I had a lot more time, particularly during the day when the light is better, to hunt around for interesting things to take photos of. Unless you all want photos of my oatmeal with cinnamon and peanut butter or the back of the train seat in front of me each day, my life is less interesting now.

Except then really awesome things happen, like my mom comes to visit for the weekend. When I was younger, my mom and I used to do “mother-daughter days” and we always went to Marie Calendar’s and ate giant cheeseburgers and greasy French fries and probably got ice cream to boot. Those were the best days.

We realized we hadn’t had any quality alone time in a while so she came to SF last weekend to hang out and oh how times have changed. The days were still pretty food centric – I’m not going to lie. My favorite thing to do with people in San Francisco is eat. But instead of cheeseburgers and fries, we walked around the SF Ferry Building and bought giant Asian pears.

I made a simple kale salad for lunch, paired with toast and hummus and avocado.

We went to Millennium for dinner, an upscale vegetarian restaurant in downtown San Francisco. Alex and I love Millennium because the food is amazingly creative, and the ingredients are sourced locally and seasonally. I couldn’t get a reservation when I tried earlier in the week, so we ended up waiting almost an hour and a half for two seats at the bar.

We enjoyed Austrian sodas as soon as we sat down! My mom had black currant

I ordered elderberry; Alex and I had this in Austria and I didn't think we'd ever find it here!

It was worth it. I don’t have pictures of our meal but let me tell you it was hands down the best meal I’ve had at Millennium and one of the best meals of my life. Introducing my mom to such creative vegetarian food as she tries to cook more meatless meals at home was such fun!

On Sunday we tromped around an urban farm in the rain, checking out their ample crops of greens and marveling at what you can do with a small space. We also visited Omnivore Books, a cookbook store in Noe Valley that has the best array of cookbooks I’ve ever seen. They have new and used books and everything from books on tea to food politics to charcuterie to raw food. Plus, the place is ridiculous cozy and warm so it was the perfect place to spend some time on a Sunday afternoon.

After that, we were hungry so we headed to Gracias Madre for an incredible lunch that was different but equal to our meal at Millennium. Warm corn tortillas handmade from scratch with perfectly spicy guacamole. A big steaming bowl of pozole to warm our insides after trekking through the windy rain. Tacos bursting with vegetables and the best refried black beans anyone could ask for. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t get any better.

I’m only sorry that I have almost no photos to show you – we were having such fun that I honestly wasn’t thinking about taking out my camera at all. But I don’t even have one photo of the two of us to share. I guess that just means she’ll have to come back so we can do it all again!


One thought on “Culinary Adventures with Mom

  1. Sounds fun! Did you know that my sister worked at Millennium?? She was a pastry chef there for like two years!

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