Valentine’s Day Your Way: Go Outside

Forget hearts and Cupid and boxes of candy. How about for the next seven days you show yourself some love? Each day between now and Valentine’s Day I’ll share something that you can do for yourself to make your day brighter. Each idea will have three levels – Spendy, Moderate, and Budget-Friendly so you can decide how big you want to go. 

The majority of us spend our days indoors disconnected from nature and yet overly connected via text, email, chat, Twitter, Facebook, blogs…find a way to bring a little bit of nature into your life to help ground you in the present. Being around plants can also lower amounts of cortisol, pulse rate, blood pressure, plus getting out in the sun means more Vitamin D!

Spendy: If you have some cash to invest, start a backyard (or rooftop or balcony) garden! Many plants do very well in containers and work well in smaller spaces. Although there is an upfront cost, the  results are lasting.

Moderate: Buy yourself an organic houseplant for your house or your desk at work. Get some lovely fresh cut flowers.

Budget-friendly: Take a walk through a park. Volunteer at a community garden or urban farm. Go to the beach if you live near one!

Even if it’s snowy where you live, bundle up and go outside! Just make sure you have enough layers to stay warm!




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