Valentine’s Day Your Way: Music

Forget hearts and Cupid and boxes of candy. How about for the next seven days you show yourself some love? Each day between now and Valentine’s Day I’ll share something that you can do for yourself to make your day brighter. Each idea will have three levels – Spendy, Moderate, and Budget-Friendly so you can decide how big you want to go.

Music has been shown to help depression, calm hospital patients, stimulate brainwaves, and do all kinds of other crazy awesome things. In all honesty, I am not much of a music person, in the sense that my  iTunes is filled with Barenaked Ladies and Third Eye Blind and I can never name a the title or artist of a song on the radio. But music often motivates me when I’m feeling lazy or is melancholy company when I’m feeling sad.

Spendy: Buy yourself concert tickets. Is an artist or band in town that you’ve been waiting years to see? Go for it!

Moderate: Purchase a CD on iTunes of a new artist that you’ve heard of but don’t know much about. Listen to it a few times before making a judgment. The band above is a new favorite of mine.

Get your dance on!

Budget-friendly: Turn up the radio or YouTube and have a solo dance party!


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