Valentine’s Day Your Way: Create Space

Forget hearts and Cupid and boxes of candy. How about for the next seven days you show yourself some love? Each day between now and Valentine’s Day I’ll share something that you can do for yourself to make your day brighter. Each idea will have three levels – Spendy, Moderate, and Budget-Friendly so you can decide how big you want to go.

Create Space

We all need a space to call our own. A place where you can go to think or write or daydream or draw or do whatever it is you do. A place where you have a sense of belonging because you created it.

Spendy: Take over a room of your house. Paint it. Furnish it. Decorate it. Move things around. Maybe you don’t have a couch and you just have cushions on the floor. Maybe it’s bright orange. Maybe it has a giant flat screen TV. Make it yours.

Moderate: Take over a smaller space in your house. A corner or the top of a dresser. Put up pictures of things that you love – friends, family, travel destinations, food , poems – anything that reminds you to be happy.

Budget-friendly: If you live in close quarters, find a space outside of your house that you love and feel comfortable in. Whether it’s under a tree on the corner, or in a coffee shop or the library or the lounge in the women’s bathroom at Nordstrom’s, find a place and claim it in your head.


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