I went to NYC, and all I got…

…was an amazing proposal!

I haven’t been blogging because I’ve been too busy making googly eyes at my new fiancé (weird!), drinking champagne, and eating a ton of delicious food in NYC.

The whole weekend felt like a dream. It started Friday afternoon when flowers were delivered to my office with a  note with instructions…


I was already confused and excited when I got an email from Alex telling me he was on his way to New York City, and that in my backpack I would find my own ticket to NYC along with a Kindle to make my journey more enjoyable.

His email said he’d secretly installed an app on my phone, and once I got to NYC, I’d have to use the app to find him! Thankfully, I would have a driver who would be able to help me if I couldn’t figure out one of the clues.

I was mostly in shock that he was on a plane to NYC and I had no idea! I couldn’t believe he’d managed to sneak out to a flight across the country without me noticing a bag or him acting weird or something!

The last hour of work went by surprisingly quickly as I tried to wrap things up before going away for the weekend. I channeled all of that nervous energy into getting sh*t done!

When I finally got to the airport, I scarfed down a salad and a side of veggies at the only food establishment in my terminal only to get on the plane and realize I was in business class where they serve you edible food.

They gave me a bowl of warm nuts!!

I felt like I was dreaming, but maybe it was just all the extra legroom. Business class was a first for me. I had to ask where the tray table was.  When the menu said eggplant lasagna, I was nervous. I read somewhere our tastebuds are dulled when we’re flying, so they have to add in extra salt and fat (hence pasta drowned in cheese) to make food taste good. But I was pleasantly surprised by the dish; the eggplant was soft, the sauce was tangy, and there was only a dusting of Parmesan. Not to mention I was eating with real silverware! (It doesn’t look like much but it was tasty!)


Five hours flew by in nervous excitement. I landed, and found my driver who was the sweetest man. I teased him about signing up for this crazy adventure but he seemed happy to be a part of it. He drove me all around the city as I used the app to direct us.

For our one year anniversary five years ago, Alex surprised me with a trip to NYC, so the scavenger hunt took me to places from that trip that we had enjoyed. Here were the stops we made:

  1. The first stop was the Central Park Zoo, where five years ago I made Alex watch the seal feeding frenzy even though we have a ton of seals in California.
  2. The second stop was the MOMA, where we’d gone after our redeye landed and walked around in a daze until we finally left when we realized we hadn’t absorbed any of the art.
  3. The third stop was a fancy sushi restaurant we’d been recommended, only to realize there were like 2 vegetarian options – but we made the best of it.
  4. The fourth stop was the 24 hour McDonald’s in Times Square, where we’d eaten fries and milkshakes at 2 am (oh how times have changed).
  5. The fifth and final stop was our hotel, the Hotel W.

The check in area of the W is like a club – music pumping, mood lighting, people in fancy clothes talking in low voices all over the lobby, drinks in hand. I wandered in a daze, got the key to the room and opened the door to find Alex.

I threw my arms around him and wouldn’t let go as he said all these nice and sweet things. Finally he said, “you have to let go of me so I can get down on one knee!” so I did and he proposed and I said yes and jumped on him and now I am the happiest girl in the world.

I spent the rest of the weekend in happy shock, marveling at Alex’s planning capabilities and the secret keeping abilities of some of our friends and family. The entire experience was incredible, and I’m still coming off of the adrenaline rush of it all. I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect proposal – even though I would have happily said yes if he’d proposed in our living room after dinner while we were in our pajamas. But knowing the effort he put into it, he deserves major kudos for awhile.

And of course, a quick description of the ring because it’s unique and SO me – I am impressed he found it without any help!

It’s a recycled platinum band, with a manmade blue diamond. The box was made from recycled paper and Alex even bought the carbon offsets for the creation and shipping of the ring! It’s beautiful and I’m in love with it (and Alex!)

We spent the weekend gallivanting around NYC, eating a ton of vegetarian/vegan eateries, and trying to keep our delicate California constitutions warm!

I will post more about our adventures this week!





5 thoughts on “I went to NYC, and all I got…

  1. Umm wow. I just …. Alex has really set the bar high for every boyfriend of every friend/relative/reader you have.

    this is such an amazing story! i can’t believe all that he put into it! but you totally deserve it! and that ring is GORGEOUS!

    so so so happy for you!

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