Adventures in NYC, Part 1

Finally, our NYC adventures!

From reading Gena and Angela’s blogs, I knew NYC was a mecca for vegan food – and I took full advantage of that by dragging Alex all across town just to eat.

Other than go to the Book of Mormon (which was so inappropriately hilarious and in the end, quite sweet), all we did was walk and eat – which sounds like an ideal vacation to me.

On Saturday, we got such a late start, we had to stop to split a black bean taco with pickled jalapenos from a food truck. Mmmm, taco.


As we trekked on, we found a cow! When I was younger and we were visiting Chicago, cows of all colors and design dotted the city! By the looks of it, either someone copied the idea or purchased this cow at auction for their yard. (Sadly, this is more pasture than most actual cows get.

In solidarity with the cow, we hit up Angelica’s Kitchen for lunch. Angelica’s Kitchen is dedicated to local, sustainable food and creating direct relationships with farmers. Just up my alley!

We started with a hummus plate – the pita chips were dusted with za’tar and so tasty. The celery and carrots were a little gummy but we ate them anyway. For my lunch, I ordered this polenta tart filled with roasted veggies which came with a side salad, roasted cauliflower, and half an avocado!

I would have thought that the avocado might be subpar because we were on the East Coast, but it was buttery and delicious. I wonder where they source them from!

After that, we walked around the village doing some shopping for warmer clothes since Alex had packed for me in a rush. We stopped at this awesome tea shop, Physical GraffiTea, so I could get something to warm up.

NYC has so many cute gardens hidden away. This one had all sorts of neat adornments made from various things most people throw away.

This one was tucked away between some residential buildings. They close for the season in December, which is too bad because it was perfect weather to sit outside and enjoy tea (if I’d had five more layers on).

Alex and I couldn’t get over all the brick – we’re such West Coasters!

For dinner, we found Café Viva, the most amazing pizza place. The interior is nothing to write home about. Tiny, unbalanced tables are crammed into the small space with harsh, fluorescent lighting.

But their pizza selection was to die for, especially for those of us that love a non traditional pizza. They had several vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. We stood there reading all the labels, mesmerized by the variety of options. I really liked that they had a lot of vegan options that didn’t include fake cheese! Toppings can speak for themselves!

I got the green pizza that was covered in green veggies, and a veggie pizza that had tomatoes, eggplant, mushrooms, tempeh and a bunch of other things on it. The sauce was wonderfully tangy. I had cornmeal crust on both of my slices, which was crispy and held up well to all of the toppings.

Alex got a slice with whole wheat crust and I took one bite and wished I’d gotten a whole wheat slice – the flavor was so nutty and complex.

Not to mention the slices were literally a quarter of a pizza. AND they sold Kombucha. I probably could have eaten every meal here.

After dinner we hiked back to Broadway for our show and then went out exploring afterwards and found this awesome bar called On The Rocks in Hell’s Kitchen. The bar is known for it’s whiskey and bourbons, but those aren’t my favorite so I asked Alex to get me a glass of champagne. He brought back a half bottle, explaining that’s the only way they sold it. Don’t mind if I do…

We walked home and took this silly picture where the half bottle of champagne and Alex’s two Old Fashions are showing.

Thanks to Angela, we had picked up chocolate peanut butter bomb brownies from Atlas Café earlier in the night.  Decadent and rich, they were the perfect way to end the night.





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