My Weekend – AKA Cat Photo Shoot

Things I probably should have done this weekend, but didn’t, and am perfectly happy about it…

  • Go to yoga (but I did do a full yoga podcast at home!)
  • Go on a long run ( I just can’t get motivated to run 10 miles alone, and that’s okay with me)
  • Go to the farmer’s market (I’m learning to sleep in – it’s wonderfully weird)
  • Drink green beer – I drank perfectly normal colored beer, thank you
Things I DID do this weekend…
  • Read a piece I wrote, in public, at a bookstore at the Ferry Building as a conclusion to my non-fiction writing class. I think I will make a video of me reading it and post it this week. Thank you to Rachel for coming out to support me!
  • Finished off my maple almond butter cups, a sad day for my sweet tooth now that they are gone
  • Ate oatmeal instead of pizza as my late night snack on St. Patty’s Day – why am I weird?
  • Bought a 2 person emergency kit in case of a disaster (I had been having this urge to be ultra prepared lately, and then I had a dream last night about a big earthquake. Just saying…)
  • Took our bedroom from this….
to this…
  • Spent over an hour in IKEA but left with only a doormat and a bath mat because I was too overwhelmed to buy anything else
  • Ate broccoli in honor of St. Patty’s Day – and discovered nutritional yeast as a topping for veggies
  • Cleaned out our Burning Man fashion trunk – anyone need some fun pants?
  • Went to a Snooki baby shower/St. Patrick’s Day Party
  • Planted arugula, lettuce, and cilantro

  • And finally, took an unusually large number of cat photos…

Morning cuddle session

Hippo is so fashionable

What's going on over there?

What's going on RIGHT HERE?

Actually laying on the couch isn't cool

Even if there is only one thing to lay on, they make it work

All in all, I would say it was a pretty perfect weekend.


One thought on “My Weekend – AKA Cat Photo Shoot

  1. IKEA overwhelms me too! I’ll walk out with really random things that I don’t really need… but I never buy the things I intended to when I walk in. Geez.

    Also…quinoa chocolate = amazing. Thank you 🙂

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