Reflections on Biking in the Rain

You will get to the train station and it will be pouring.

You will vaguely consider not riding your bike home, but you’ve already left it at the bike valet for 3 days.

You will pick up your bike and feel vaguely badass for riding in the rain.

You will quickly learn that much like Bay Area people do not know how to drive in the rain, neither do they know how to bike in the rain.

You will also quickly learn that your rain jacket, while adorable, is not actually waterproof in anything other than a drizzle.

You will make it 1/3 of the way home before another biker, oblivious to your presence, swerves into you and you crash to the ground in the middle of an intersection.

You will wonder why the other biker didn’t even stop.

You will be grateful that they were able to ride away and you were able to stand up.

Your bike will be broken.

You will learn the most efficient way to carry your bike.

Your new running shoes will immediately be soaked through.

You will shake your fist at the sky when it starts raining harder.

You will be reminded about why you don’t like commuting.

You will be grateful when you walk past people that have no choice but to sleep in the rain.

You will compose this post in your head as you walk home through sheets of rain.

You will pray that your backpack is thick enough to protect your laptop from water damage.

Your laptop, unlike your bike, will work just fine.

You will get home and take stock of your bruises – just a few on your knee, and some scrapes on your hands.

You will use this as a reason to eat lots of dessert.

Ultimately, you will be grateful you are lucky in love and lucky in life and can spend the night drying out in front of a fireplace.



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