Musings on What “Healthy” Means

Mercury was in retrograde until just a few days ago. I don’t know if that’s what was throwing me off this week, but it’s as good an explanation as any.

I had Friday off of work, and I had every intention of preparing some really great meals with the vegetables from our first CSA pick up. And of course, I was going to blog about it.

And then Friday came and went.

I did use these lovely carrots and this lettuce to create a salad, that I dressed with walnut oil and served with a slice of bread and spicy pasta sauce for dipping.

For dinner, I learned that grilling is to eggplant what roasting is to cauliflower. I actually used our grill and ate an ENTIRE eggplant myself, on top of some steamed mizuna greens from our CSA box. Seriously, just grill some eggplant. You won’t be sorry.

I drizzled on some miso/ginger/tahini dressing based on a recipe in Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything vegetarian. Simply, grate some ginger. Mix with equal parts white miso and tahini, and add soy sauce to taste. I thinned mine out with water as well. It paired perfectly with the eggplant and the greens.

And then Saturday, I was definitely going to get up early and blog after the farmer’s market (our CSA doesn’t come with fruit until May – plus I really wanted asparagus).

I had a wedding workshop at Paper Source (taught by my MOH Rachel!) at 10. I was going to be out all day and didn’t want to buy lunch or dinner, so I was planning on packing a broccolini salad to take out with me.

But then I had one of those days where you try on fifteen things in your closet and hate all of it so I ran out of time and ended up packing a almond butter and jam tortilla, which I ate with house-made potato chips and a chai latte.

Dinner was a champagne flight and spiced chickpeas. It was our friend Dave’s birthday, and we discovered Bin 38, a great bar with awesome outdoor seating and a long wine and beer list. Perfect for sipping and chatting.

Later, we went down to the South Bay for my nephew’s baptism/communion/confirmation, which was lovely. It also took longer than we all thought, so by the time we were done, I was ravenous and was only saved by tortilla chips and super fresh salsa back at my sister’s house.

We stopped by a friend’s housewarming party on the way home, and I snagged the last slice of Zante’s Indian pizza, vegan style.

Other than a green juice I snagged at Fraiche between the class and lunch, I didn’t eat a single vegetable on Saturday. Unless salsa counts? And I think there some veggies in the curry on the pizza.

Today was better. Alex made breakfast potatoes, and poached eggs for the first time at home! I’d never even had a poached egg. I can’t believe I used to dislike runny yolks. Since I started frying eggs at home, I don’t think I’ve made scrambled once. I have to have the yolk!

Eager to replicate my success from the grilled eggplant, I decided to grill the asparagus. Now, asparagus is a delicate vegetable that is delicious eaten raw or blanched or quickly sautéed. Instead, I grilled it to smithereens. How do you make charred asparagus taste delicious? Cover it in miso tahini sauce!

Served with hummus on sourdough topped with mizuna.

Then, of course, we went and got soft serve ice cream and walked around Dolores Park which was a total scene because of Easter shenanigans.

I wasn’t particularly fit this weekend either. Friday, I went to a yoga class at Laughing Lotus in the morning which was amazing. Really the perfect way to start the day.

Saturday, I walked around a lot. Today, Alex and I attempted to go for a run and I turned into a blubbery mess because I really don’t like running at the moment. Not for any particular reason, there was just not one molecule in my body that wanted to be running. I ended up stretching in the park while Alex did a loop and swung by and picked me so we could walk home.

This is a long and rambly post, but mostly I’m reflecting on the fact that this was not my healthiest weekend. And I don’t have any recipes to share, even though I had loads of vegetables, the time to cook, and the sunlight to shoot. Instead, I slept in, ate ice cream, and confirmed our wedding venue (!).

The whole week was similar; something was off in my eating, my workouts, and my psyche. I was far more tired and emotional than normal. Hard to know if my unusual-for-me eating this week contributed to that or if it’s because I was tired and emotional that I ate more indulgently. I guess we’ll never know.

But you know what? I’m becoming more and more okay with weeks that go off kilter. My definition of “healthy” is fluid right now, and I’m learning to let go of rigid “healthy” habits. By letting go of them as habits, I’m finding that I can make intentional choices about what works for me and what doesn’t, and I like it. I have a whole post coming up about my future running goals, but I’ll save that for another day.

Don’t worry, I have another CSA box coming on Thursday (I hope Alex is ready to chow down on some veggies this week), so I’ll have some good recipes coming up soon!


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