SLO-ing Down

After a somewhat frenzied January and a very exciting February, March felt relatively quiet. I got to bed early. I’ve stayed in PJs until noon on Saturday mornings (which, if you know me, is akin to Anthony Bourdain going vegetarian – unexpected and just a little bit unbelievable). Weeknights have passed with nary a social plan. It all felt a bit indulgent, really.

I haven’t used this time in any particularly productive way. I haven’t taken advantage of the time to do most of the things I complain about not having time to do. In fact, I’ve used most of the time to play catch up with Mad Men – and I’m proud to say we’re nearing the end of season 4!

So this past weekend, it was time to mix things up a bit! So I made a last minute decision to drive down to San Luis Obispo, where I went to college, and visit one of my very best friends in the world, Jessie and her husband Miro. They often make the trek up to SF, but it’d been far too long (since the amazing wedding of these two) that I’d made a trip down there.

Plus, it was Cal Poly’s Open House weekend. I worked on the planning committee for the event for three of the four years I was at Cal Poly so it was great to go enjoy the celebration without having to operate on 4 hours of sleep, cans of Diet Coke, and red vines (I was so healthy in college, I know).

I saw old friends, marveled at this bacon booth which had bacon six ways, and took a tour of the new rec center that includes an indoor track, a leisure pool (with a vortex – whatever that means) and a TV with HBO on every cardio machine. Fitness buffs are liven’ the dream at Cal Poly.

After wandering around campus, we picked up bridal magazines and flipped through them at this adorable new coffee shop in downtown, Kreuzberg. I wish it had been there when I lived there! It’s filled with old books and eclectic decor and makes an amazing soy chai latte. PLUS, you can sit in the window and people watch as you sip your drink.

We filled up on Thai for dinner – a papaya salad, a cup of tom yum, and pa-nang curry – and then I hit the road. Audio books make a 4 hour solo drive so much more bearable! I don’t know why I didn’t think of it before!

The whole reason I had to come back early was because I had a 10 mile race on Sunday! I was nervous, given my lack of dedicated training, but it went well! More on that tomorrow!


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