Nerd Fitness Challenge: Final Goals

Final goals for the Nerd Fitness challenge are set! Less than six weeks to achieve this! I’ll be blogging here often (as you’ll see below!) and sharing what’s coming up and what’s working out (or isn’t).


1. Reduce sugar consumption by enjoying desert once a week
I’m counting dessert as a treat consumed after a meal. A banana with honey roasted peanut butter as a morning snack. But banana soft serve with honey roasted peanut butter after dinner, does. Pie, cookies, cake, cupcakes, and ice cream all count regardless of when they are consumed. 🙂 This means between now and June 11, I will have only 6 desserts.


  • 6 – 7 desserts: A
  • 8  desserts: B
  • 9 desserts: C
  • 10 desserts: D
  • 11+ desserts: F

2. Practice yoga for an hour twice a week
Ideally, once per week will be at a studio, but since I can’t hit up a studio this week, I’m not going to commit to that. Anything less than an hour, while admirable, doesn’t count toward this goal.


  • 12+ Yoga Sessions: A+
  • 11 yoga sessions: A
  • 10 yoga sessions: B
  • 9 yoga sessions: C
  • 8 yoga sessions: D
  • 7 sessions or below: F

3. Run a 7:30 minute mile outside
I’ve never run a 7:30 minute mile in my life. I’m not even sure it’s physically possible. And I was planning on taking a running break. But a 7 minute mile isn’t long distance and  I can put in shorter concentrated training to achieve this goal. The mile has to be outside, not on the treadmill to count. I’ll have to check what my current mile time is so I have a starting point.


Pass/Fail – either I run the 7 minute mile, or I don’t.


1. Blog every day (starting today!)
This is nervewracking because who has something important to say every day? Probably not me. But I figure I can share a lovely poem or a quote or a beautiful photo even if I don’t have anything to say personally. I won’t be posting photos of every meal I eat. I just can’t do it. Between today and the end of the challenge, there are 40 days. I assigned one charisma point because writing more = being more comfortable with writing = being more comfortable with my own voice.


  • 36 – 40 posts: A
  • 32 – 35 posts: B
  • 28 – 31 posts: C
  • 24 – 27 posts: D
  • 23 posts or fewer: F

2. Meditate every day (starting today!) for at least 10 minutes
40 sessions. 10 minutes. 400 minutes of inner peace in the next 6 weeks. Sounds pretty great.


  • 36 – 40 days: A
  • 32 – 35 days: B
  • 28 – 31 days: C
  • 24 – 27 days: D
  • 23 days or fewer: F

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