Nerd Fitness 6 Week Challenge – Week 1

I’m so stylish.

These ultra awesome shades were a thank you gift for helping plan the philanthropy retreat. Best thank you gift ever. Wedding favors, perhaps?!

Anyway, It has been one week since I started the Nerd Fitness challenge so I figured it’s time to check in on my goals.

Diet/Fitness Goals 

1. Eat one dessert per week
Success so far! I resisted mountains of free desserts at the retreat center which was surprisingly not as tough as I thought it would be. I just drank a lot of tea and seltzer water. On Monday night we went out to one of our favorite restaurants to celebrate our engagement with another couple who got engaged a week after us. Our sweet waitress brought us carrot cake on the house and hot damn if it wasn’t the best carrot cake I’ve ever eaten. That is dessert worth indulging over.

I did realize that Alex’s sister’s birthday, our engagement party, and Alex’s birthday trip to Chicago all fall within the next 5 weeks. I hadn’t considered those factors when I made the goal. I’m not going to resist treats at the party or while in a new city just because of this challenge, but it will make me mindful of what’s worth it (M&Ms for the plane – no, delicious hot chocolate – yes).

2. Practice Yoga twice a week
I have practiced twice in the last week! I went to a restorative class on Thursday and then did an hour long practice this morning. In an ideal world I would practice even more frequently, but with two hours of commuting per day, my time is limited and there are other things I want to do with it as well.

3. Run a 7:30 mile
Haven’t done anything with this yet. Hoping to do some interval training in the next few days.

Life Goals

1. Meditate every day
I have only missed one day so far! While in NY, I walked out into the woods for at least 15 minutes and then sat on a rock and meditated to birds chirping and squirrels rustling. I found the act of just sitting there, even if my mind was all over the place, super grounding.

I struggle on the days where I can’t do it first thing in the morning. I lift weights twice a week and I already get up at 4:50 am to do that….I don’t think I can possible drag myself out of bed at 4:35 to meditate. But I guess I could try it tomorrow!

2. Blog every day
Again, only missed one day! I’m always worried about putting up crap content – that’s not my intent. But I did enjoy finding quotes over the weekend that mirrored my feelings in the moment and sharing them with you. It was actually a great way to pause and reflect on the situation.

I need to check in on the Nerd Fitness member boards today too and give some support to my fellow druids!


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