Weekend Adventures and a Shout Out to Mom!

I am worn out after a weekend of fun, family, and food, so I’m just here to share some random photos of the weekend….(side note: my challenge is to blog every day. I missed yesterday. So here I am. But I don’t have anything particularly interesting to say. A dilemma to be sure. Quality or quantity? How do you rate quantity as a personal blog with a very small – but dedicated! – readership? Perhaps posting photos of enjoying life is enough. Things to think about!)

The weekend started off right with lunchtime manicures. My nails finally look decent if people ask to see my ring.

Did some yoga Friday night on the patio because the weather was so lovely.

I hit up the farmers’ market and found cherries and peaches….summer time must be on its way!

We saw some really amazing chickens when we volunteered at a farm today. Look at that head of feathers!

And I planted some veggies on the patio! Two tomato plants, kale, chard, rosemary, and arugula!

Also, as it’s mother’s day, I want to give a shout out to the best mom ever. Mom – you are such an inspiration, I’m lucky to have you in my life!


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