Nerd Fitness Update – Week 2 and New Goal

No dithering today! Let’s just jump into my reflections for the week.

Eat one dessert per week

When I originally conceived this goal, it was going to be two desserts per week. But I pushed myself to one because I thought it would be a good challenge. Turns out that one dessert a week was an unrealistic goal, but two would have been quite manageable.

  • The first week, I had one dessert.
  • Last week, I had two desserts – Alex’s sister’s birthday and girl’s night number one.
  • This week (which starts today because my weeks are starting on Wednesday), I’ll have two desserts because of girl’s night number two and our engagement party .
  • Next week, I’ll have two desserts because we are going to Chicago for Alex’s birthday.

Maybe these are excuses, but frankly, I like dessert, my added sugar intake is incredibly minimal everywhere else, and I don’t need to lose weight. I appreciate the fact that I haven’t been dipping my hand into the jar of chocolate chips every night after dinner, which was the real motivation behind this goal. I’ve stopped mindlessly eating dessert because I feel like I need it, and savoring every bite of something rich and tasty. 

That said, I ate a rather large slice of chocolate peanut butter pie last night (I decided to forgo the pie shake, although I can tell you they are amazing), and while I never felt uncomfortably full, my stomach was protesting this morning. I used to think it was the dairy that did this, but I actually think it’s the sugar.

I’m not planning on adjusting the scoring system, even if I end up failing. Sometimes we fail and sometimes it’s okay (I want to enjoy good quality desserts) and sometimes it’s not (say, if I was eating sleeves of Oreo’s)

Yoga twice a week

I am happy to say that I am rocking this! I’ve done two one hour yoga sessions both weeks. Friday night I got home from work and I really did not feel like getting on my mat, but I talked myself into it and had a great yoga session outside on our patio. Being in the fresh air moving my body after a day inside at my desk felt amazing.

I would really like to get to more classes; I bought a class pass to a nearby studio thinking that the money spent would get me there, but so far that hasn’t happened. I’m going to be pissed if I don’t use all 10 classes in the allotted time period though, so I’m going to get my butt there this week.

Run a 7:30 mile

I haven’t tried yet, but I’ve been doing super speedy (for me) interval and tabata workouts to try. I’m hoping I can maybe get to the track this weekend and run a mile and judge how far I actually have to go in the next month.

Blog every day

It hasn’t been every day. But it’s been more often than not. I struggle with not wanting to post crap, and in all honesty, sometimes I don’t think I have anything interesting to say. Or a pretty picture to post. But when that happens, I’m trying to at least share a quote that has inspired me because who knows if it will inspire someone else?

Meditate every day 

I think I’ve missed two days so I’m feeling great. I’d like to direct my meditation a bit more so I’m not just sitting and trying to corral my mind. I know that there are countless websites and podcasts out there, and I have many of them, I just have to use them.

Because I am struggling with the blog every day and the sweets, I’m adding a third life goal of organizing my closet. I hate my closet – my dresser is too big, my clothes aren’t organized, and everything ends up all over the place. That’s going to change in the next month! Starting my day getting dressed in a lovely, calm space will be much less stressful than digging through piles of clothes.

Plus my jewelry box is on top of my dresser and I’ve lost one too many earrings now and I’m annoyed about it (because of course I’ve lost one half of almost all my favorite pairs). I want to create a space I can feel good in.


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