Wedding Festivities and Being a Robot Roadie

This weekend was a whirlwind, but an incredibly fun one that included wedding dress shopping, an engagement party, and trekking through the streets of San Francisco as a robot roadie.

Because we had the engagement party on Saturday evening and my mom and sisters would be coming to town anyway, I decided it would be a good day to go wedding dress shopping as well! It’s sort of ridiculously early (our wedding isn’t until July 2013) but the timing was just perfect.

One of my bridesmaids, Jessie, also came to town for the party so she was able to come with us as well. We weren’t allowed to take too many photos while trying on dresses (and I couldn’t post them anyway since a certain someone gets emails from the blog!).

Wedding dress shopping is an experience! Luckily for me, it was fun, positive, and exciting (I’ve heard horror stories of less fun shopping trips). Being with my mom and sisters is always hilarious; I’m pretty sure I was doubled over laughing for at least half of the day. They are also smart, strong women and I am honored to have them in my life and have them join me on this crazy wedding planning journey.

The five of us descended upon the first salon, Amy Kuschel, where a bottle of champagne was waiting for us from my Maid of Honor, Rachel, who wasn’t able to make it because she had to work. It was a great way to start the day.  The people helping me were ultra-attentive, sweet, and knowledgeable about the dresses and how to accessorize them. We were all pretty “meh” about one dress until one of the women helping us put a sash with some beading around my waist and then we all fell in love with it. I never would have guessed!

Then we grabbed some lunch (and caffeine to propel us through the engagement party) and headed to the second salon.

Jessie and my sister Jen at lunch.

Jen, me and my other sister Katie.

Jessie with a latte the size of her head.

My mom and I under some crazy balloons on the street!

Unfortunately, our experience at the second salon wasn’t nearly as good, and I don’t think they’ll be getting our business. But it was still fun to try on dresses!

And then it was off to get ready and go to the engagement party! We got dolled up, and drove to the East Bay where our friends Dave and Nicole were hosting the party. It was amazing! The set up was beautiful, the food was great, and the vibe was perfectly mellow and fun. I couldn’t have asked for more. Rachel also set up a photo area with a Polaroid camera so people got to walk away with a little souvenir.

The whole party went by so fast; everyone says it’s a preview of what the wedding will be like. I feel like I talked to everyone but didn’t really talk to anyone and five hours flew by in what felt like two minutes. There are a million amazing photos but I just chose a few!

Alex doesn’t have a ring yet!

Thank you Dave and Nicole!

My friend Mary Ann!

Maid of honor, bride, bridesmaid!

I have known these girls since I we were four – so over 20 years now!


This is my cousin who just moved into the area – excited to get to spend more time with her!

Us and Alex’s sister and her boyfriend

I loved having such different parts of our lives come together – I had friends from elementary school there, chatting with my family and Alex’s family, and high school friends, and college friends, and post-college friends. Friends we made individually and friends we made together. A few times I just had to step back to say “look at all this love you have in your life” and soak it in.

I am so excited to get married because I love Alex, but also because it’s been a wonderful opportunity to really connect with family and friends in a different way. Having people come to celebrate you is kind of weird, in a good way, and I hope everyone knows how appreciative I am of their support.

We got home from the party pretty late, but we still got up for San Francisco’s notorious Bay to Breakers – a 7.5 mile race with a huge following of unofficial participants in a mobile costume party. We know this group of Party Bots (robots with speakers that blast music and serve as a mobile party) that wear heading to Bay to Breakers.

Although Alex and I have lived in the city for a few years now, we’ve actually never experienced Bay to Breakers, so I was excited to walk the streets! It was really a parade of people – ranging from sober to quite intoxicated in all states of dress and undress – celebrating. Celebrating what you ask? I’m not quite sure; maybe just life in general.

There are real runners as well, but they start the race earlier and the party snakes slowly on the course behind them. There is really no limit to San Francisco’s craziness. I love it.

After a while, Jessie, Rachel and I broke off from the group to grab some brunch and catch before Jessie and Miro had to leave and head back down to San Luis Obispo. I spent the rest of the afternoon after they left vegging and catching up on all the TV shows that we’ve neglected to watch Mad Men.

I couldn’t have really asked for a better weekend!


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