Nerd Fitness Update – Week 3

It’s week three of the Nerd Fitness Challenge and I am finding out that I set myself up for a bit of failure. The goal of blogging every day was never realistic, particularly because I would prefer to post substantial reflections and not just photos of my food. I already mentioned last week how I pretty much had to increase my dessert goal from one a week to two, and so far, I’m happy to report that’s going well. Let’s look at some of the others, shall we?

  • Eat one dessert per week
    • I’ve been sticking to two a week and that seems to be going fine. I’m finding that a few fresh strawberries after dinner, plus a bigger indulgence twice a week is keeping sugar cravings low.
Um yeah, I wasn’t going to resist this.
  • Do yoga twice a week
    • So far so good! I’ve been rocking this one. And this week, I’m actually going to hit up two classes which is so exciting.
  • Run a 7:30 mile
    • I need to get myself out to the track next week….
This needs to be me again!
  • Meditate for 15 minutes every day
    • While I haven’t been perfect about this, I have been meditating way more than I was previously and practicing mindfulness in all situations, not just formal sit down meditations
  • Blog everyday
    • Even for six weeks, this was unrealistic, as I mentioned above. A better goal would have been three quality posts per week, which is what I’m going attempt for the rest of the challenge. Sometimes meeting goals means being flexible!
  • New goal of cleaning out my closet
    • Oh it’s going to happen. I don’t think I can possibly create more piles of clothes so it’s going to have to happen eventually.




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