Nerd Fitness – Week 4 Update: A Lesson on Failure

I have a few fun field trip/vacation recaps coming…but first….

I’m taking way one thing from this six week challenge: I need to consider my goals more carefully and I am more motivated by an in-person community than an online community.

I’m probably not going to excel at any goal. In fact, I may fail at all of them. That doesn’t feel great to admit but it’s life and it happens. And because I made the challenge public here, I have to own up to it here.

But the challenge isn’t over. So instead of giving up because I may fail per my pre-set metrics, my new goal is to continue pushing to get as close to success as possible.

Food/Fitness Goals

1. Eat dessert one a week
I revised this goal early on to eating dessert twice a week and upon reflection, I actually have beens successful at that. We even went out of town this weekend to Chicago and I still managed to only eat dessert twice for the week. Making each indulgence more decadent has made me want it less frequently. Although I do miss the occasional banana soft serve after dinner.

2. Practice yoga twice a week
I’m at six out of eight one-hour practices. If I let myself make up for lost time in the upcoming weeks, I could achieve this goal.

3. Run a 7:30 mile outside
I ran this on the treadmill on Friday. Frankly, if I can do it a few times inside, i’ll give myself a C. The track is inconvenient and there are no long stretches without stop lights or stop signs.

Life Goals

1. Blog every day
This schedule is not for me. I think 3x per week of quality posts is a much better idea.

2. Meditate every day for 15 minutes
Going out of town screwed this one up, not that I was at 100% before that. I think finding a meditation book or program would help. I like having steps to follow.

3. Organize my closet
There’s still time. And it really needs to happen. So keep your fingers crossed for me.

As far as being motivated, I love the online community, both here/in the blog world and on the Nerd Fitness message boards. But I’m loathe to open my computer and spend more time in a front of a screen after doing it all day. When I did Team in Training, I never dreaded long runs because they were a chance to catch up socially with people. Even though I have made some really great friends through blogging, on the whole, I don’t think I’m as motivated when I don’t see people face to face.

So there we have it. Written down, it doesn’t look to be as much of a FAIL as it feels in my head. Perhaps there’s hope for me to slide by yet!


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