Recipes I’m Loving Lately

I’m a pretty trusting person, despite my slightly control freak nature. I believe in the general good of people and that someday we’ll find a way to fix the ills of the world. But one of the places I remain skeptical is when it comes to recipes. I know bloggers and cookbook authors vet them. I know there are recipe testers out there doing their jobs. But a cookbook author/full time food blogger creating something brilliant in their kitchen isn’t quite the same as me rushing around my house at 7 pm trying to get dinner on the table while my stomach grumbles in protest. A little voice inside my head always asks, “how good is this REALLY going to be? How time consuming? Will it be worth it?”

So from one regular home cook to another, I wanted to share three recipes with you from the blogosphere that are as good as they sound and that are relatively easy for those of us that still routinely burn onions because we’re impatient.

Kale Market Salad from 101 Cookbooks: There’s no doubt that Heidi knows what’s up. She lives in San Francisco and I hope to someday run into her at Bi-Rite Market and we’ll gush over the perfect heirloom tomatoes and before you know it, we’ll be shopping together at the farmers’ market. We have mutual connections so this could totally happen (in my head, where I often live – Heidi, I’m not stalking you, I swear). Anyway, this recipe is stellar. I’m really into crunchy food lately and this recipes has some nice crunch paired with the silky dressing and creamy avocado. Plus, it’s hearty enough to be a meal without leaving you feeling heavy. We had it Friday night and Alex ate all the leftovers the next day without leaving me one bite. Sad day.

Homemade Curry Ketchup from Joy the Baker: Unfortunately, Joy does NOT live in SF, so there’s no chance of me just running into her while out and about on culinary adventures. My friend Rachel met Joy when she came to the city do a book signing and said she’s just as fun and open as she seems in her blog, so I do hope that someday when I convene all of my favorite people in one room (any ideas on how I can make this happen?) Joy is able to join us. And that she brings a jar of this ketchup. It’s so good, I ate it straight from the bowl last night after we finished slathering it on our burgers. I love the depth of flavor and that the heat builds rather than smacking you in the face. And even though condiments always seem intimidating, making ketchup from scratch is really not that hard.

Perfect Veggie Burger from Oh She Glows: What I love about Oh She Glows is that Angela never fails to offer a dose of inspiration along with a delicious recipe. So many times when I finish reading Angela’s posts, I’m thinking to myself “Yeah! She totally gets it.” Plus, some of my all time favorite recipes come from Angela’s archives, these enchiladas and 15-minute creamy avocado pasta to name two. And now another to add to the rotation. Vegan and full of CRUNCH, these burgers really are a stellar vehicle for homemade curry ketchup, a few slices of heirloom tomatoes, and some fresh avocado. They stayed together so well in the pan, and weren’t mushy, just as Angela promises.

So there you have it. That’s what’s going down in my kitchen as of late. Now scoot to yours and make all three of these – it’s worth it, I promise!


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