Back to School, Back to School…

I’m sitting in a coffee shop, enjoying an amazing Mexican hot chocolate with a backpack full of spiral bound notebooks, new pencils, and heavy textbooks.

I guess I’m back in school!

This weekend I was a bundle of nerves. Nervous energy propelled me through my long run, prepping meals for the week, taking care of overdue chores, and creating my meditation space downstairs. It felt good to settle some of those things before heading into the chaos of classes, homework, and group projects.

My schedule for now is classes on Monday and Wednesday and then working Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. My company is interviewing for my position this week so I’ll probably only be around for a few more weeks or so to train whoever it is they hire. And then I’ll have a lot more time to fill, unless chemistry homework takes over my life.

Really, I have no idea what it will be like. The classes are so vastly different than anything I’ve ever taken; I don’t know if I’ll be pulling my hair out orĀ  breezing through problem sets without issue. I do know I need to get myself a scientific calculator or I’ll be in real trouble.

Of course, this new schedule also necessitates changes in meal planning. On Mondays, I have class from 9 – 10:35 and 2:30 – 6:30. The time between is too short to go home, meaning I need to pack lunches that don’t need to be refrigerated or heated up. I’m used to brown bagging it, but usually I have a fridge and a microwave at my disposal.

On Wednesdays, I’m in class from 9 – 10:35 and then I don’t have class again until 7 pm. I’ll definitely head home, but because I’m considering driving back to my 7 pm class (I take public transit the rest of the time), I will have to figure out if dinner needs to be transportable too, or if I’ll just take BART so I can stay at home as late as possible and eat dinner there.

If there are any students out there reading this, I’d love any tips you have on portable meals.

I won’t be in trouble however, if I ever forget food. My afternoon/evening classes are in Berkeley, and I’ve already found about five million restaurants I want to try. For my wallet and my waistline, I’m going to have to sequester myself in the library most days to avoid eating everything in sight.

I’ll be sharing everything here – what works, what doesn’t (aka today I didn’t bring enough snacks, hence the Mexican hot chocolate) – and hopefully you’l share some tips with me too. I also want to address what I learning in my nutrition class. It’s an introductory class, but I can already tell there’s going to be a lot of food for thought (ha) on how mainstream nutrition curriculum relates to my philosophy of eating.


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