Why I Love Running in SF

The Nike Women’s Marathon was two weekends ago, and I went out to be a spectator for some friends that were running. People running NWM are often most afraid of one thing – the hills. But I think the hills are offset by the variety of things you see on a run in SF – bison,  jazz musicians, a million cute dogs, a giant windmill, the beach, music festivals, waterfalls, RC* boat racing and more. I stopped to capture a few of these things to share with you why I love running in this city.

These photos are from a 12 miler two weeks ago. I haven’t been running since then because I got a cold and instead of risking the flu or worse (see posts about pneumonia last year) I took last week off. I slept as much as I could, I didn’t work out, and I ate whatever I felt like eating including lots of roasted Brussels sprouts (that’s a balanced meal, right?) and cookies and chocolate galore. I’m back to working out this week, but I have a half marathon next weekend and I’m trying to PR, so it’ll likely be a light gym week next week as well so I can keep my legs rested.

If you live in SF and don’t run – look at what you could be seeing! If you don’t live in SF, come visit me and we’ll go for a run. 😉


How can you not want to run when you can see all of this in one run? Although to be fair, I’m also perfectly happy to walk along my running path and see all there is to see. But I think running in interesting places has made a huge difference in how motivated I am to get out there and do it. Someday I want to go out and run a marathon in a cool location because I think it would be such a fun way to see the city!


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