Morning Memories

Whether by choice or by necessity, my parents have always been morning people. Though they sleep in a little later now, when I was growing up, I could always find them at the dining room table any time after 5:30 am.

My dad still wears the same heavy black robe that he did then – the one I would steal if I were especially cold. My mom still dons whatever slippers we’ve bought her for Christmas or her birthday. They both always had a mug of hot coffee, black for my dad Sweet ‘N’ Low for my mom.

If they spoke at all, it was in quiet, gravelly, “don’t wake the kid” murmurs. No matter what else was going on, they made it to the table every morning to catch up and reconnect. As Alex and I go into wedding planning, I’m taking that as a secret for a good marriage – always make time for each other, even if it’s at 5:30 am.

I like to think that it was catching a few of those moments, whether it was because I was sick and up early, or because we were going on a trip, or whatever, that I’m now a morning person. My favorite time to wake up is 5:30 am, and even if I’m up late the night before, I can almost never sleep past 7 (partly due to the fact that we have furry friends that demand their breakfast.)

But I’m okay with that. Things are quieter in the morning, softer. Whether I’m alone or with Alex or a friend, the quiet gives way to expansiveness. A freedom to share what’s on your mind or not say anything.

And these days, I love to watch the city wake up. The sun creeps slowly over the city, people come out, stilly slightly bleary eyed – either heading to work or heading home from work or a party.

Sometimes, when I have to hit the gym or rush to work, there’s no space to reflect on how much I actually love the morning. Today I had room, and I’m stealing a few quiet moments with Hippo before the day starts. Alex is still tucked peacefully in bed, Runty probably curled on his chest, happy as a cat can be.

But now my stomach is grumbling and there are dishes to be done and costumes to be finished and long runs to do, so I guess it’s time to get up and get going. Thanks for sharing a morning moment with me.


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