Marathon Training: Week 1

Alex and I completed week 1 of our marathon training plan over the weekend! A friend asked me last week how training was going, and I told her that it was going great since we hadn’t been faced with a rainy day or the sniffles or tired legs yet. So we’ll see how it goes once we have a few more roadblocks thrown up in front of us. 

But so far, so good. We completed 3 runs together, and I did a short interval session on my own on Friday for a total of 16 miles this week. It’s a little crazy to think that later down the line, 16 miles will just be ONE run! It’s so much easier to get up at 6 am and run because I have a partner in crime to do it with. Alex isn’t a morning person, but our schedule doesn’t really allow us to run at any other time, so I’m thankful he’s willing and able to get up and go out with me. 

For our shorter runs during the week, I’m just popping a date into my mouth before I head out the door and then having a normal breakfast when we get back. No sense in complicating things for shorter runs. I’m pretty sure my date only serves psychological purposes; since I’m waking up and then running, somehow eating something helps me not worry about getting hungry. 

While training for my last marathon, I faithfully ate overnight oats with peanut butter and an apple prior to long runs, but I’ve been reading about other options including eggs. And I need to do more research into options to eat after runs to recover as well. Much of the information out there about fueling is for people wanting to maintain weight loss, which is not my goal. I want to make sure I’m using carbs and NOT fat for my training runs. 

I want to make a point of getting a lot of immunity boosting foods in as well, as last time I was training, I got so sick and ended up feeling awful for 6 weeks before the race. Garlic, here I come!

As far as a goal for the race, my goal is to finish without feeling like dying. Maybe that’s unrealistic; plenty of people feel like crap at the end of a marathon. But still, I’d like to not sob through the last three miles and maybe even come in a little bit faster (my first marathon took 5 hours). 

I plan to be more specific in future posts about what how specific runs went, how I’m fueling, and what I’m doing differently, but this time, I just wanted to give an overview of the plan and my intentions for training! 


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