Snack Attack Throwback

Even though every day is peanut butter day for me, today is officially National Peanut Butter Day. How did you celebrate? I marked the occasion by having a peanut butter and jelly protein smoothie this morning and this lovely snack this afternoon:


Ants on a log, baby! I felt pretty cool eating this, although I admit it’s better eaten from a lunchbox on the playground. Somehow eating it on your grown-up couch while reading about the state of the world doesn’t have quite the same effect.

In honor of National Peanut Butter Day, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite peanut recipes:

And here are just a few other things I love to put peanut butter on….

  • bananas & banana soft serve (obviously)
  • baked sweet potatoes (great for breakfast!)
  • in oatmeal (this changed my life)
  • in hot chocolate
  • in countless other things I haven’t even discovered yet

So get out there and get your peanut butter on today!



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