Do As I Say, Not As I Do: Marathon Week 3

Or rather, do whatever works best for you and take my words with a grain of salt.

Alex and I kicked butt last week on our training schedule, completing all of our runs and doing our cross training. It feels good to stick to a schedule; I get a certain satisfaction when I put a big X through the workout on the training plan taped to the fridge. 

After having an awesome week of hitting all of our goals, all we had left to tackle was our long run of nine miles. We were staying in Sausalito with Alex’s family for the weekend, which is one of my favorite places to run. I ran many of my marathon training runs there with my team and there are long stretches of beautiful bay views and no stoplights. Runner’s paradise. 

When we woke up to go out running, I realized we had no fuel. We had no pre-run snack, no gel packs, no water bottles. At the risk of totally bonking, we went out anyway.

And, despite my worst fears, it was fine. Good, even. We didn’t struggle and we finished feel strong (and perhaps a bit hungry). There were thankfully two water fountains on the route that we hit twice each. We wolfed down a hearty hotel breakfast afterwards (oatmeal with hazelnuts and berries for me, a mushroom panini for Alex) and drank a bunch of water.

I’m so glad it turned out the way that it did, but I fully intend to fuel correctly for all future runs, including planning ahead for runs while on trips.

For any runners out there, how do you fuel when you’re away from home? Any hot tips I should know about?


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