Marathon Training Confessions

We are two weeks back into marathon training after my three week break from running. My hip is doing fine, and the only pain I’m feeling are the spots where I expect it, so I continue to indulge my love hate relationship with my foam roller. I introduced Alex to the foam roller this weekend; he said it looked painful. I didn’t correct him.

Other training thoughts:

  • I love Clif energy gels. As crunchy-granola-hippie as I am, I really really love these packets of sweet, gooey, energy. Do I know dates are also pure glucose and infinitely more natural than a packet of sugar, without the waste? Yes, I do. But they don’t taste like frosting, they don’t have caffeine, and I have to chew them. Maybe next training cycle I’ll switch to dates, but this time, I’m sticking to what I know works. (Plus I bought two boxes of energy gels already!)
  • Learning to blow a snot rockets during runs changed my life. I say this not to gross anyone out, but to encourage runners everywhere to snot out instead of snuffling in. Bonus – your shirt sleeve does not get soggy and gross with mucus.
  • IMG_1997Coffee and toast are officially our post-long run tradition. Sorry to anyone at The Mill yesterday morning who had to sit within a few feet of us as we noshed on the thick, delicious slices of bread and re-energized with a latte. I’m sure looking at our sweaty faces was not your idea of a relaxing Saturday morning. It was nice to have partner in crime back this week!
  • I can’t decide if it’s better or worse that I know what I’m getting myself into with this race. I know better when to push and when to rest, but I also know the feeling of “OH MY GOD, HOW WILL I EVER RUN 6.2 MORE MILES?” after a 20 mile training run. Sorry for the excessive use of caps, but the voice inside my head is definitely yelling when she says it.
  • Running is still hard. People sometimes think I have some super human capacity for running because I’m marathon training, but I still struggle through 4 mile runs sometimes. I humbly submit that training for a marathon is more about your mind than your body. I used to not be able to run a mile. Some people hate running, totally cool. Some people run and don’t race, also cool. As I was trying to talk my friend Allie into running a 5k with me, she said, “I’m just not interested in doing that.” It was a good reminder for me that we all run for different reasons. My point is though that I started off huffing and puffing through walk/running a mile and short of any major health issues, I believe most people can run a marathon, should they be interested in doing so.

Have a happy Sunday!


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