My First Ever Blogger Lunch at Delarosa

Happy Monday Wednesday everyone. I meant to get this post up on Monday, but it just didn’t happen. I’ve been a little little sluggish this week; I’m not sure if it was staying out until 11 pm on Friday night (I know, party animal!), running 12 miles on Saturday, or the time change, but I moved as slow as the blackstrap molasses that I put in the barbecue sauce I made this morning. (The recipe is from Ashley at edible perspective, and it’s divine.)

Or perhaps I’m still climbing out of the food coma that I went into on Sunday after dining at Delarosa with the group of critics that write for, a newly launched restaurant review platform. I applied to be a critic for Oomea about six weeks ago, and have been writing reviews for them since. If you live in the Bay Area, or are planning to travel here soon, check out the site to find reviews written by a cultivated group of bloggers (including yours truly). I don’t plan to write very many restaurant reviews here unless it’s a very special or unique meal, but please check out the site if you’re interested on what I have to say about the SF food scene!

In all honesty, I was nervous about this lunch. Though I’ve been writing here for a few years, I haven’t claimed to be a blogger. I have been a student, a fellow, an employee but I never bring up this little place I come a few times a week. I have a lot of thoughts on what it means to step up and own my thoughts here in a more public way, and the responsibility and privilege that entails, and I plan to share them here later this week.

But today I wanted to just share a few shots of the wonderful food at Delarosa that I was invited to partake in. Thank you so much to Oomea for hosting such a wonderful lunch for all of us to connect! It’s a funny thing to be at a lunch with all bloggers – I didn’t have to surreptitiously pull out my camera to snap a photo. Of course, I forgot my actual camera, so I had to make do with my phone.

We started with a pea bruschetta and burrata bruschetta with honey and hazelnuts. The pea bruschetta was so colorful and appropriate for spring (or maybe Christmas). The burrata was creamy and indulgent.


There were also two salads, a “beet Carpaccio” with truffle oil and arugula and a kale Caesar (unpictured as I couldn’t partake due to the anchovy dressing).


The next course was a smoked mozzarella and eggplant pasta dish. Although it was a touch oily, the smoky flavor of the mozzarella was bold without being overwhelming, and the eggplant was silky smooth.


My absolute favorite dish was the fried Brussels sprouts. It came with a caper aioli, but they didn’t need it. They were perfectly crunchy and had the perfect amount of bitter bite. I could eat them all day! I mean, I know fried is fried, but they’re probably healthier than chips, right? RIGHT?!


We also had two beautiful thin crust pizzas. One had a variety of mushrooms which I enjoyed, but the cheese overwhelmed the mushroom flavor and it felt greasy overall to me. But the burrata margherita was divine. I don’t eat cheese that often, but when I do, I like it to be good. The burrata was creamy and mellow, a perfect complement to the fresh basil and tangy tomato sauce. The crust has a nice crunch and didn’t get too soggy at the tip. (I’m also looking at their menu now and realizing that they have a pizza with no cheese and vegan cheese as an option as well, so it’s good to know it’s vegan friendly!)


And last but not least, we had some amazing desserts. A molten chocolate cake, a creamy vanilla gelato with olive oil and salt, and the famous de la rosa donuts with three dipping sauces. I restrained myself to a few bites of each one so that everyone could have a taste, but it was tough!



The whole day was so much fun; Oomea also needed new headshots for the website, so a photographer came out and did a photo shoot at the Palace of Fine Arts. I walked around a bit beforehand and snapped a few of my own. I hadn’t actually walked the whole lagoon before! My best headshot is now on my updated “About” page, so please go check it out. Many thanks to Quan Pham for making me look way less awkward than I felt!

Please note: The lunch provided by Delarosa was paid for by Oomea. All opinions about the food are my own. 


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