Product Review: a*pour toi

As part of the Oomea critic lunch last month, we received a gift box from a*pour toi to review. a*pour toi has a range of gift boxes from large and luxurious to small and sweet filled with goodies that are supposed to taste good and be on the healthier side. They even have gluten-free and lactose-free boxes. We received the amour chic and chocolate box.

I have a massive sweet tooth, but I’m also a health nut, so I was excited to crack open the box. I recruited Alex as a tester (tough life), and we dove in.

To start, the packaging is lovely. The box is sturdy and definitely reusable, as is the canvas bag inside the box. The design is simple and tasteful. According to the website, you can add your own photograph to the box as well, which makes a nice personalized touch to a gift.

IMG_0077IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0080




Okay, so it looks cool, so what? How does everything taste?



There were a wide range of items. The box contained:

  • Hazelnut spread
  • Pate de fruits 
  • Strawberry vanilla marshmallow
  • Milk chocolate covered hazelnuts
  • Chocolate pops
  • Vanilla sea salt caramels
  • Dark chocolate banana bars

My favorite item was probably the pate de fruits (shocking, since I’m usually obsessed with chocolate) and the hazelnut spread, which tasted simliar to Nutella but was heavier on the hazelnuts. The fruit candies were not-to-sweet and actually tasted like the fruit they were supposed to be, which is always a pleasant surprise!

Overall, everything tasted solidly good and I believe that this would make a great gift box, particularly for a corporate event of sorts. I can see gifting these to sponsors or speakers to thank them for their time and effort. The boxes are classy, the treats are tasty, and they mostly contain real and natural ingredients.

The items are far less processed than a Snickers or a Hershey’s bar, and definitely tasted better. The amour chic and chocolate box retails for $55, which signifies it to me as a luxury item and I will say that the treats in the box are not significantly different in quality or nutritional value than other expensive desserts I’ve enjoyed. Also, at the core, whether the ingredients are sugar in the raw or table sugar or agave, the fact is that the items in the amour chic and chocolate box still contain a sizable dose of sugar (especially if you are eating it all at once, like we were!). I love and regularly indulge in a good treat, so I definitely believe there is room in a balanced lifestyle for this, but I just mean to say that just because the ingredient list is shorter, doesn’t mean it’s automatically healthy.

On the whole, it’s great to see a whole box of items where the ingredient list is recognizable, with pretty sweet packaging to boot. Thank you again to Oomea and a*pour toi for giving me this box of goodies to try!

Please note: I received the a*pour toi chic and chocolate gift box for free. I was not compensated in any way by a*pour toi or Oomea for my opinions stated here. These are my personal views on the product.


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