My Life in Photos



If you examined my life through Instagram, or at least the photostream on my phone, you’d learn the following about my life:

Coffee is my new favorite treat. Even more than pie.



I think vegetables are pretty awesome:


I’m really into pictures of my cats:

IMG_2278 IMG_2289



And occasionally other animals:


I run across the Golden Gate Bridge a lot. (Too much.)

IMG_2295 IMG_2366

I have awesome friends who do things like make sweet thank you cards: IMG_2348

I like posing as a baseball fan (all those white specks in the second picture? A swarm of seagulls):

IMG_2354  IMG_2357

I love toast:



I have a knack for picking parking spots. I chose this one on the day of my bridal shower and was pleasantly surprised to see the message when I got out. (Sidenote: I love that each parking spot had a message!)



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