What I Learned on My Summer Vacation

I know I haven’t been here in a while, but hey  I got married and then was traveling around with my new husband (weird!). I coulda/woulda/shoulda maybe blogged the whole process but the reality is…I just didn’t want to. I was focused on the big picture and the small details so the blog wasn’t a priority. But now I’m back, settled, and excited to share my life here again.

The wedding went better than I ever could have imagined. We felt so loved by all of our friends and family, and so cared for. Having (almost) everyone we love and care about in one spot celebrating us was overwhelming in the best way. I still tear up when I think about it. Thanks to our amazing photographer Travis Hoehne and his team from StudioTHP for all the photos.

Yes, we broke boards at our ceremony….

boardbreak boardbreakale


And we vadered


And we took some normal pictures too!


wedding party

Then we were home for a few days before we hopped on a plane to Australia for our honeymoon.  We were gone for too long for me to post a full recap; I don’t even want to scroll through three weeks of my own photos so I’ll spare you. I’ve included a few highlight photos below.

Sunrise over the Harbor Bridge and the Opera House. IMG_0130 IMG_0151


The outback is a dusty but beautiful place.


So, so sweaty.


Awesome rock formations called the Bungle Bungles. IMG_0386


A dry, rocky riverbed.



Beach hike!


There’s a wallaby in there somewhere…






Nature! We love it.


A little beach by our hotel.


Me at the end of a rock waterslide! Scary, slightly painful, but awesome! IMG_0944

Being on vacation with Alex was awesome for a lot of reasons. We were both giddy and coming down off the high of an amazing wedding. We went on a ton of adventures – both planned and unexpected – and didn’t get stressed out or annoyed with each other.

I felt relaxed and open in a way that I haven’t in awhile, and I realized that it was because I was able to step back and really check out from being connected. Limited wifi meant no Facebook, Instagram, constant email, or news. I checked occasionally to make sure everyone was still okay and alive, and that nothing huge had happened in the US that we should know about. But mostly, I hung out with Alex, read a ton of books, admittedly played a lot of Candy Crush, slept, ate, and got outside. I was composing blog posts and short stories in my head. I had the mental and emotional space to think about the future and what I might want to do with my career. It was very freeing.

We were back for a week before we were back on the road and headed to Burning Man, for another week of disconnecting from the “default world.” Alex left early, and I had a lot of time to reflect by myself on where I’m at and connect one on one with people I don’t often see. Not to mention that the art at the event is out of this world; I couldn’t even imagine some of the things that people create. It’s a great place to be inspired.

Am I happy to be back home and reconnected? You bet. I missed catching up with my friends on g-chat and talking to my mom on the phone. I missed seeing the little things that make people’s days on Instagram. I missed being better informed on what’s happening in the world. But it was a great reminder that really creating space, physical and mental, is really important for me. Everyone needs different amounts – for some people 5 minutes a day is enough and others need more; I still have to figure out how much space I can make and take in the real world versus vacation world, but now it’s a priority to figure it out.

I also need to get back on the healthy eating train – it was derailed as soon as we landed in Sydney (who can resist crème brulee gelato, almond croissants, and copious amounts of avocado toast?!). Burning Man was slightly less indulgent, but the combination of the heat, no refrigeration, tons of biking and walking and a thin layer of dust covering everything makes for some interesting eating habits. Now the bulk of our travel is done (we have some weekend trips coming up) and I’m so ready to get back to normal. More on this in my next post!

Speaking (quickly, as this post is already out of control long) of my next post, I now have three hours per week scheduled into my calendar for writing, so I should be here with more frequency than the past 6 months!


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