Racing Into Fall

I had all the best intentions to keep running after our marathon in June. Losing my running fitness after training so hard to get it seemed like a waste.

Welp, you know what they say about the best laid plans. Instead I got married and went on a honeymoon where we were ultra active but running wasn’t part of the equation. It didn’t help that Alex got tendonitis post-marathon, and apparently I’ve completely lost the will to run alone. So I did other things, stayed active, and didn’t really miss it.

Until a few weeks ago. I started researching races and bookmarking them. Musing about training plans. Dropping hints to Alex. In the end, we picked a 10-K to run together at the end of October. Originally, I had this grand plan to race it and PR. Then, realistically, I thought about how it’s the day after Halloween celebrations and it’ll likely be a late night with lots of dancing, leaving me with tired and sore legs. 

So instead, we decided we’d run it for fun – maybe even in costume! Exercise, even running, can and should be fun. Not every race has to be a PR for me; I don’t have to push myself to the max every time. At least, that’s what I’m slowly but surely learning. 

I’m still planning on training for it, but I’m trying a new method of doing shorter, harder workouts, coupled with a ton of yoga and two days of strength training.

Here’s what my week’s workout schedule looks like:

  • Monday – 30 minutes interval training + Yoga
  • Tuesday – Strength Training
  • Wednesday – 30 minutes hill repeats + Yoga
  • Thursday – Easy 4-5 mile run with Alex
  • Friday – Strength Training + Yoga
  • Saturday – Fun, random workout
  • Saturday – Rest + optional restorative yoga

My fun random workout may be a long walk with my friend Allie who is training to walk the Nike Women’s Half. We’re doing 13 miles tomorrow! Or it might be another yoga class. Or it might be a hike. Or it might be a run, if we happen to be out of town. 

My yoga schedule is also flexible; I’m still learning which classes and teachers I like best at the studio I’ve committed to going to. I’ll be likely writing more about my yoga journey as time progresses. I’ve gone to three classes this week and my body feels better than it has in ages.  

I’m not doing as much running as I have in the past training cycles, and I’m especially cutting out the steady state runs. I’m going to try out this new thing and see how it works. I like this plan because it takes up far less time than marathon or even half marathon training. Plus, after 30 minutes of hill repeats (which includes warm up and cool down), I feel like I just conquered the world and can go back to bed. 

I’d like to create an incentive to myself to stick with all my workouts for the next 5 weeks, so I’m trying to decide what that might be. A book? A new workout outfit? A private yoga lesson? A massage? I’m not sure yet, but I’ll share when I figure it out. 

Do you have any fall races on the calendar? Do you ever create incentives to motivate you? 


2 thoughts on “Racing Into Fall

  1. I couldn’t relate more to this post! I trained for my first ever race at the end of June and once i completed it, I fell off the wagon for two months, distracted by things like moving in with my boyfriend etc. To get me motivated again, I did just like you. I picked a new run to target (the winter man 10km) and started a blog as well, (shamless self promotion here, I’ve also started yoga for the first time ever! It’s amazing how we’re doing almost the exact same thing! As far as motivation goes, I’ve actually decided that for every day I train, I’m going to put $1.00 into a jar. Once I complete my race, I’ll use that money for something for me, new pair of jeans, new workout outfit etc. Good luck with everything! I’ll make sure to follow your journey. Maybe we can help motivate one another!

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