Links Worth Sharing: 10/4/13

How Intense Study May Harm Our Workouts
“Tire your brain and your body may follow, a remarkable new study of mental fatigue finds. Strenuous mental exertion may lessen endurance and lead to shortened workouts, even if, in strict physiological terms, your body still has plenty of energy reserves.”

I’ve definitely noticed this in my workouts when I have a lot going on mentally or emotionally.

Vegan Chocolate Cake
“The recipe presents us with not one, but three “bet-you’d-never-guess-it-was-vegan” components. First is the moist, fluffy chocolate cake, which is every bit as easy to make as your current favorite. Promise. Next is the rich, decadent chocolate ganache, which is made better by creamy coconut milk.

This is on my list. Coconut chocolate ganache? Drooling. 

Avoiding My Practice
“I mean, there have certainly been times in my life when I’ve been enthused to get on the mat, easily making time in my day and schedule for home practice or class. But way more times than that, I’ve thought to myself: “Yoga today? Really? I’ve got dogs to feed, posts to write, people to email, friends to call, errands to run and – oh – I haven’t shined my shoes in awhile, have I?””

I’ve experienced this already, and I know it will only get more intense as I get more into my practice. 

What the Federal Government Shut Down Means for People that Eat and Grow Food

“In the bizarro world of 21st politics, some may argue that a government shutdown may be a good, sobering slap for Washington, but is most certainly a bad thing for our food.”

Great. Just great. 


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