10/11/13 Links Worth Sharing: Gutbliss, Post-pospartum & more

What We Eat Affects Everything

An interesting interview with a integrative gastroenterologist on the importance of gut health: “So “gutbliss” for me evokes this idea of how you can create wellness in your digestive tract. And this blissful gastrointestinal tract has a lot to do with how you eat and how you live, since most diseases don’t just fall out of the sky into your lap.” 


I’m not a mama yet, but I still related to this article: “And then I hit my normal weight. And in the moment I grabbed the golden ring that everyone (plus US Weekly) really wants you to grab, I realized that what I didn’t have was my pre-baby body back, and I never will. My boobs are not the same. My stomach is not the same. And while I’m the same weight, everything is oddly rearranged: smaller feet, broader hips, and all that hair that fell out is now growing in like a pixie cut underneath my long hair. But all of this is really just physical manifestation of the bigger picture: I’m the same as I ever was, but not. I’m me, but rearranged.”

Enter the Quiet Zone

I miss phone booths: “There are no physical signs you’ve entered the National Radio Quiet Zone, a 13,000-square-mile area that covers the eastern half of West Virginia. But the silence gives you a signal. Somewhere around the Virginia-West Virginia state line, the periodic buzzes and pings of our smartphones stopped.”

From Orchid Child to Drama Queen to Highly Sensitive Person: A lifetime of walking around feeling like my skin is inside out

Whoa, I could have written this: “I can’t not feel any of it. It’s overwhelming. And it’s exhausting.”

10 More Things I Want My Yoga Students To Know

As I do yoga more regularly, I could relate to a lot of this: “But as transformative as yoga is, it’s not going to get rid of all your bad feelings and problems. In fact, sometimes yoga cultivates a clarity that brings painful, unacceptable things about your life into focus so that sometimes things get worse before they get better.”


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