Links Worth Sharing: 10/18/13

FarmeHer: Images of Women in Agriculture

Women in farming are on the rise, and this stunning photography is a great showcase: “Marji Guyler-Alaniz has spent the last nine months documenting women farmers for her ongoing photography project, FarmHer. “My goal is to capture the beauty in the every day and my style is to show who these women are through subtleties,” says the Iowa-based photographer.”

Sex Sells, But We’re Buying More Than We Bargained For

“In a world where advertising-fueled media is inescapable, where the pornography industry has infiltrated all aspects of pop culture, and sexualized female bodies sell everything from children’s toys to deodorant, it’s easy to feel like sex appeal is all women can/should offer. The truth is, this rampant sexual objectification inspires shame, anxiety, and lost potential at every turn for girls and women. But here’s something we know for sure, and it’s a message we shout from the rooftops and have proved with our PhD research: There is more to be than eye candy. And when we figure out who we are outside the confines of just being looked at, we can do so much in this world.”

Spoon Butter Recipe

I did not realize people oiled their wooden spoons until this week when I saw two different posts about it. I know what I’m doing next weekend.

What 7 Yoga Poses Will Teach You About Your Relationship

As I do more yoga, I realize how mat practice is so reflective of daily life, and vice versa: “The vast majority of yoga poses are not just about yoga. They are about life. They teach us about ourselves, our relationships, and the world around us.”

Avocado Coconut Oil Tartine

This is the best thing I’ve eaten all week. Tell me this doesn’t sound amazing: “The idea is this: a slather of pure coconut oil topped with smashed avocado, and finished with garlicky toasted macadamia nuts, squash blossoms, and slivered scallions.”

Of Maria Kang, Motherhood, and Fitspiration 

“Maria has been criticized from various angles, from her appearance to her clothing to her ability to be a good mother. While I think that some of the criticism against her is unfair, particularly the claim that she is a bad mother for posing with her three (adorable!) children while “scantily clad” in workout gear or for devoting time to working out, there is something that needs to be said about the way she chose to frame her message to her followers, and to the public at large. “

On Excuses

“So for all those who do not look like her, you don’t need an excuse.  Most people will never look like her for all sorts of non-excuse-needing reasons. Heck, I haven’t ever given birth and I will never look like that. It’s just fitspo all over again. Not the least bit motivating because, for most of us, it’s unattainable. See my thoughts on fitspo here.”

I doubt Maria Kang intended this photo to end up being so loaded, or to be blamed for fat shaming after clearly working very hard to be healthy and fit. For me, at least, the lesson here is that the line between inspiration/motivation and shame can be very thin and very nuanced, and I think conversation around it is healthy. I may write more about this next week when I’ve thought about it more.

Did you read anything interesting this week? 


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