Fall Adventures in Seattle

Alex and I went adventuring up to Seattle this weekend. If all goes according to plan, we’re actually going to be moving next fall so I can attend graduate school up there. I haven’t even applied yet, so there’s still the possibility that I don’t get in and we don’t move, but we’re using the power of positive thinking to propel us forward at the moment.

I’ve been to Seattle twice and it has either been raining or snowing, so I was excited to at least stay dry and maybe see some sun. I do believe the sun came out for a little bit on Friday, but we were in a pub enjoying some seasonal beer and missed it. Thankfully, the cloud cover was the perfect backdrop to the amazing fall colors.



IMG_3084 IMG_3087


I literally couldn’t stop saying exclaiming out loud every time we saw another brightly colored tree or strolled through another pile of leaves. The weather was cold and crisp and everything felt very fresh. I was thrilled to come back to similar weather in San Francisco, after enjoying the sunny days for several weeks now.

Naturally, we also enjoyed some treats while we were there, only a few of which I took pictures of – Mighty-O Donuts and cakes from Hot Cakes Molten Chocolate Cakery. Next time I want to try the chocolate peanut butter version!

IMG_3046 IMG_3071



There were amazing healthy meals too, at the Bastyr campus and Chaco Canyon, but of course I didn’t stop to snap a photo.

Spending time in nature combined with the weather shift and our potential impending move has put me in a reflective mood. When I’m not studying for midterms, I’m snuggling on the couch with the cats, a blanket and a cup of tea thinking about what’s happening now and what’s next. Bear with me if things are a little messy as I figure all this shit out!

What’s your favorite season? Does fall make you get quieter and introspective, too? 


One thought on “Fall Adventures in Seattle

  1. Love the trees-and the introspection! Reflecting is so grounding for me and I love when I feel it in someone else.

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