An Embarrassing Confession

You guys.

I can’t believe I have to write this.

Sunday’s race wasn’t a PR. In November 2012, I ran a turkey trot in 49:27.

So not only was Sunday not a PR, it was actually not even close to a PR. 3:36 off, actually.

My dad reminded me of this when I called to brag yesterday. I double checked the race results and sure enough, he was right. I checked in with Alex, who also didn’t remember running it that fast so he double checked his RunKeeper to make sure. Yup, there it was.

Neither of us could actually fathom being fast enough to run a 10K in under 50 minutes, so that’s why I got so excited about my 53:03. I’m obviously not even aware of my own potential.

Clearly, I need an Excel spreadsheet if I plan to continue racing to keep track of this stuff.

I waited to be ashamed of my slower-than-PR time. I even experimented with saying to myself, “wow, that’s pretty lame.” And then I thought, eff that line of thinking. Not every race is going to be ┬áPR. I was running on a total of 6 hours of sleep over the course of two days. It was cold.

What matters is that I was out there, fulfilling my commitment and moving my body. I pushed through the resistance and the fatigue and had a great (and still speedy for me!) run. I left it all out on that (terrible) course.

Now it just means I have a goal to beat: 49:27! I literally can’t even imagine being that fast – and neither can my RunKeeper which told me that Sunday’s run was the fastest I’ve ever run the 10K distance; I didn’t start it until 2013 so that explains that.

But last night I got to see Matt from No Meat Athlete talk about going from a first marathon of 4 hours and 53 minutes to qualifying for Boston in 3:10, and I thought, “welp, I guess I can shave a few minutes off my 10K time if I really want to.”

The point of all this is two things: 1) I’m sorry for mistakenly bragging about a PR when I really should have just been patting myself on the back for getting out of bed and 2) I refuse to feel bad about myself about this because…what’s the point? I was running, I had fun, and I supported a good cause – sounds like a pretty good Sunday to me.


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