Links Worth Sharing: Self-Care, Beauty, and Food Stamps

Whole Foods’ New Produce Ratings: Transparency Bears Fruit

I have my issues with Whole Foods, but I’m happy about this. “Whole Foods Market (WFM) is again at the forefront of the movement for greater transparency in food production and processing. The supermarket chain recently announced a comprehensive ratings system for fresh produce and flowers, which parallels the color-coded animal welfare standards for meat and the sustainability standards for seafood that Whole Foods earlier pioneered.” 

Give Back To Others By Giving To Yourself First

As I’ve talked about here, I worry that I’m not doing enough or thinking big enough. But this article gives great perspective. “By staying put, I became more self-aware and present. I filled myself up with love and approval, knowing that I didn’t need to travel to the ends of the Earth to play my part. And when I gave back to myself—not in a selfish way, but in a nourishing way—I was better able to give back to others.” 

In Defense of “Beautiful” and a 7-Year-Old’s Future Afro

There are so many quotes I want to pull out of this that I don’t know how to choose! “Setting such a narrow standard, and then keeping it narrow by saying “beauty should be unimportant because the standard is so narrow” is ineffective – it only further validates the belief that beauty is rare. So rare, in fact that those who couldn’t fit in are now merely trying to convince themselves of its unimportance.” 

The Hidden Benefits of Food Stamps

Cutting food stamps just doesn’t make sense. “Extensive research shows food stamps are a highly effective investment delivering big returns for all Americans, not just the poor. SNAP not only provides an economic and nutritional lifeline for low-income Americans, it also creates a significant boon to the wider economy.”

Moderate Fitspo Works For Me

I can relate – pictures of very thin, very fit models don’t get me out of bed either. The desire to be strong and healthy does. And sometimes, I just get out of bed because I know I should, and that’s enough. “And the moderate fitspo messages work.  Way back when I blogged about the inspirational dis-value of fitspo, I complained that (for me) fitspo has the opposite affect of what’s intended. Photos of slender, youthful, ripped bodies that will never be mine don’t get me out of bed in the morning for my workouts.  And I think that’s  good thing because it means I’m realistic. That’s progress. I haven’t always been realistic. Or moderate. Or kind to myself.”


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