Links Worth Sharing: The nuance of “healthy choices,” GMO Labels, and Slowing Down

Do We Have to Appeal to “Health?” Do We Have to Want It?

I can relate to the pressure of feeling like I have to make “healthy choices,” even in lieu of doing other things I enjoy sometimes: “And so we come to something that has been bugging me for a while: healthism and the health imperative.  It’s not just that there is a one-size-fits-all rhetoric about health, it’s that this harm is exacerbated by the additional assumption that we have to make healthy choices.”

Pack A Snack: There’s A Lot of Slow-Moving Scenery on this Yoga Journey

Great advice for all things in life, not just yoga, and a lesson I need to remind myself of daily: “Yoga, he told me, is an art that fits the body, not the other way around. That’s the beauty of it, and if you rush past all that beauty (I like to think of it as scenery), then what’s the point of the journey?”

Scientific American Editors’ GMO Labeling Stance Insults Americans

Sure does: “The editors believe American consumers will become confused over mandatory labels and stop buying foods made with GMOs based on misconceptions that, “so-called Frankenfoods endanger people’s health.” This is not a forward thinking position to take.” 

How Marathons Can Bring Peace

As a runner that has experienced this camaraderie and support, I believe it: “Many underestimate the power of sports to create real change in society. But in Lebanon, we have seen how sports, and especially running, can have a positive impact on individuals and ultimately on communities and countries.”

When Was the Last Time You Did Something Spontaneous?

I like his tips on “planning” for spontaneity and embracing it! “Remember those nights where you were supposed to be studying but instead decided to drive to the next state just for your favorite ice cream?”


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