Links Worth Sharing: Hilarious Women, CrossFit CSAs, and more!

Lena Dunham Hilariously, Candidly Interviews Mindy Kaling

Damn, these ladies are funny. “I started picking her brain on our first date (at her favorite Ethiopian restaurant, where she taught me how to order and told me I had small bones—a first!) and continue to do so today in email chains where we get to complain to each other about the day-to-day realities of running a TV show. So this interview is just a more formal version of what I want to do to Mindy Kaling every day: quiz her, quote her, learn from her.”

How To Feed Your Family From A Food Bank

This interview presents the incredible nuance that’s involved in feeding your family – way more than is often presented. “Choices for many are also dictated by what kind of kitchen they have access to. Most of us take a car to get to the store, and the stove, refrigerator and the electricity required to run them. When we accuse people of being too lazy to take care of themselves and cook a proper meal, we assume they all have pots, pans, knives, sinks. There are people on social media who get on their high horses and call people who don’t make their own pasta “idiots”. Are you kidding me?”

These Crossfit gyms help members eat A LOT of sustainable meat

I don’t do CrossFit and I don’t eat meat, but I think this is still a step in the right direction. “And so Crossfit gyms are working to make it easier for their members to eat grass-fed meat. They start CSAs. They partner with local farmers. Some Crossfit devotees have become local farmers themselves. And you can quibble with the decision to focus your diet so heavily on meat, but assuming you’re a Crossfit obsessive who is going to go ham on some protein no matter what anyone says, it is vastly preferable for you to be buying sustainable meat than the alternative.”

Bodies are Not A Problem

I’d love to see more people (and myself!) embrace this thinking and embrace it more systematically as well. “If a woman can’t get into a pose because her boobs suffocate her, the problem isn’t her body. The problem is the pose.If people of varying gender identities and expressions can’t find a place to comfortably and safely change clothes in a yoga studio, the problem isn’t their bodies. The problem is the space.If a bigger-bodied person can’t fold forward comfortably in a forward bend, the problem isn’t their body. The problem is the pose.”



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