Links Worth Sharing: Homelessness in NYC, Body Image, and Yoga For Digestion

Invisible Child
Girl in the Shadows: Dasani’s Homeless Life

I read all five parts of this story and found myself sad but moved towards action in my own city to effect change. “Decades of research have shown the staggering societal costs of children in poverty. They grow up with less education and lower earning power. They are more likely to have drug addiction, psychological trauma and disease, or wind up in prison. Dasani does not need the proof of abstract research. All of these plights run through her family. Her future is further threatened by the fact of her homelessness, which has been shown, even in short spells, to bring disastrous consequences.”

How to Build The Perfect Body: A Discussion on Body Image

I love Nerd Fitness with my whole heart. “Here’s the truth: strong is healthy, and healthy is sexy. You can be skinny and strong and you can be curvy and strong. It doesn’t matter what shape you are – health is what’s sexy and attractive and what we should be touting. At the end of the day, efforts to thrust one body type forward as the be-all end-all physique don’t solve anything.”

Traveling, new gyms, and thin privilege

Privilege is so important in a lot of contexts, including the gym. “But I wonder about thin privilege and whether smaller, fit people feel the need to prove themselves to new gyms in this way.I also worry that this might hurt thin people too.”

Tis the Season for Too Much Food: 14 Yoga Poses to Ease Digestion 

Hey, it can’t hurt have more tools in the toolbox, right?

WestJet’s Christmas Miracle

This is just pretty awesome and uplifting in light of all the hard things going on in the world.


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