NF Dumbbell Division, Week 2

I’m a bit behind on this post, but we were having family adventure time for the holidays and I was trying to ignore my computer for a little bit. Now I’m back home and wanted to share how week two of the Nerd Fitness Dumbbell Division went! 

The holidays definitely changed things up a bit; I was working on a different schedule and in a few new locations as we we were with family. I was also indulging in less healthy food than usual while getting less sleep, and I could definitely feel it in my performance. 

One of the days Alex and I went to the gym, I was really struggling at the push up machine – it just felt so hard and I was angry at myself for having a bad day. This is why it’s good to have a training buddy – Alex reassured me that we all have bad days and reminded me how sleep and food can really have an impact. When we hit the gym on Thursday, I felt a lot more relaxed and reassured and had a much better workout session. It’s easy to get caught up in the numbers sometimes, but also that it’s important to remember that this is only week two, and to not get caught up in hoping for unattainable results. 

All that said, I did see improvement this week, which is exciting! I really appreciated that the gyms we were going to near my parent’s house had dumbbells in 2.5 increments; our gym at home only has them in 5 pound increments, which sometimes leaves me lifting too heavy or too light. 

  • Deadlifts: 100 pounds
  • Push ups, 3 sets: 10/10/10
  • Bent over row: 27.5 pounds, each hand
  • Push press: 25 pounds, each hand
  • Lunges: 32.5 pounds, each hand
  • Front squats: 27.5 pounds, each hand
  • Pull ups: Not a great pull up week!

As I focus on these strength training goals, I’m also feeling ready and jazzed about the new year and other, non-fitness related goals. I’ll admit to struggling with inertia in the last month or two, and feeling really unmotivated and lethargic. Although I know the new year seems arbitrary to some, I’m looking forward to embracing some new big ideas and letting go of some things that don’t work for me. And I’m excited to share a lot of it here with you!


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