2013 In Review

I looked back through all my photos for 2013 and I realized two things:

  1. I didn’t take nearly as many photos in 2013 as I have in previous years and
  2. Much of my year was wedding focused

The wedding took up a lot of space – physically, mentally and emotionally. But even more than just planning the event, getting married drove me and Alex to talk about our relationship, our future, and how we want to be in the world. Although our wedding will go down as one of the best days of my life, there have been so many days in our marriage since that have been eye opening and enlightening. I’m proud to say that being married is just as exciting to me as planning a wedding was (which I know isn’t always the case).

I didn’t blog much about the wedding, and I openly struggled with blogging in general in 2013. Honestly, I struggled with focusing on a lot of things, not just blogging. I faced struggles in wedding planning, in school, in my idea of self. Particularly as I become more aware of the inequality in the world, and there is so so much of it everywhere I look, plus my position of privilege, it’s thrown my whole life into a different focus. It’s been tough to find the joy, sometimes, in the midst of so much sorrow in the world. Given my already sometimes melancholic nature, I can find myself sucked into the depths and have trouble keeping the larger picture in mind. This is the reality of me, and as I close 2013, I’m focusing on how to use that energy creatively and in a forward thinking way. My yoga teacher said something last night that helped me frame sadness differently, “When our heart breaks, it breaks open, not closed. Which creates space for new things.” So I’m just getting ready for all kinds of new things!

I didn’t just get married and ruminate in 2013 though, I also ran a marathon plus some other fun races, creeped closer to my graduate school goal, ate a ton of great food, tried glass blowing, took too many pictures of my cats, hosted 15 people for Friendsgiving, fell more in love with coffee, started a regular yoga practice, poached an egg, joined a book club, did a lot of traveling, baked a donut, enjoyed fall in Seattle, and had a ton of fun with friends and family. And this is only a fraction. Writing it all out is a good reminder about all the greatness in my life! The benefits of blogging!

I’m already formulating too many goals for 2014, and some words I want to live by, which I’ll share with you tomorrow. Although I know so many people hate using the new year as a time to change, I actually like the motivation of a set start date. I thrive on structure, what can I say?

I can’t wait to tackle the new year with gusto! I’m going to a pajama party tonight to bring in the new year which is going to be warm, cozy, and perfect!

And because I couldn’t pick specific photos for the year, I just chose a smattering of random ones!


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