Intentions for 2014

I rang in the new year last night at a onesie themed party. Warmest and most comfortable I’ve ever been at a New Year’s party. I don’t think I’ll ever go to another kind of party!


This morning I woke up too early to finish writing out my goals for 2014 and watch the sunrise which felt like a good way to start the year.

IMG_1080 IMG_1082 IMG_1083 IMG_1079

I’m setting my goals up a little differently this year. Instead of making out a list with multiple steps, I made a 6 x 5 grid; in each box there is something I’d like to accomplish this year. They range from big things like “explore a spiritual practice” and “stick to a budget” to smaller things like “clean out the downstairs closet” and “re-read a classic.”

Clearly the bigger goals will have multiple steps, and I’ll map those out as I tackle them. I don’t expect to reach every goal on this list, but I think putting the intentions out there will be helpful. And because I often feel adrift when I’m not working toward a goal, this will remind me what to do next! And who knows, as I cross things off, maybe I’ll add more.

Run a 5K

Be of service every day


Go camping

Go to Loving Cup

Read a new to me classic

Re-read a classic

Read The Artist’s Way

Start a spiritual practice

Do a supported headstand

Develop a morning ritual

Use my slow cooker once a week

Make a recipe from each of my cookbooks

Work on a creative project

Stick to my budget

Handwrite a letter to someone

Run 13.1

Watch a sunrise

Carry a notebook & write everything down

Volunteer at least 8 hours a month

Write a poem; go to a slam poetry reading

Check Facebook once a day

Run a 10K

Replace my phone with a  real alarm clock

Keep a gratitude journal

Get a personal training certification

Create a schedule around studying and school

Build a fort with my nieces and nephews

Take an anti-racism training

Clean out the closet downstairs closet

These are big goals, I know. And I know that everything everywhere tells you to focus on a few small things. Well, I’m trying a different tack this year. Maybe it’ll fail miserably but hopefully I’ll at least learn along the path of my failures.

In addition to setting these goals, I also came up with five tenets I’d like to live by this year:

Be curious. 
Be playful.
Be kind.
Be bold.
Be diligent. 

There’s also probably a lot of letting go that has to happen in 2014; with our possible move to Seattle in the fall, big changes may be coming. And if I don’t get into graduate school (the impetus for our  move), there will be other kinds of letting go that has to happen. So I’m looking forward to being kind to myself as all of these transitions happen.

Here’s to a kick-ass 2014! Cheers!!


8 thoughts on “Intentions for 2014

  1. Happy, happy New Year, Liz! May 2014 be even better than 2013. P.S. How can I score an invite to the pajama onesie party? That sounds like the best idea ever! 🙂

  2. You always amaze me! Getting up to watch the sunrise and write out goals?! That’s self discipline I can only ever dream of having. Also, the onesie party was HILARIOUS. I laughed so hard when I saw those pictures on Instagram.
    Happy 2014, Liz! I know you’re going to rock it!

    • Thanks Abby! You are so sweet! Netflix is slowly trying to ruin my self discipline, but at the moment, I’m managing to keep it in check. 😉

      Also, everyone should own a onesie, I think. They’re like the coziest things ever!

    • I know! It’s so easy to get caught up with all the delicious recipes on the Internet. I’m tackling it by meal planning from one cookbook for one week, blogs the next week, a new cookbook the week after, etc. That way, I hit all my cookbooks and also get to try new stuff out from the blogs!

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