Links Worth Sharing: GMOs, Identity-Based Changes, and More!

When Doctors ‘Google’ Their Patients

It never even occurred to me that my doctor would Google me! “I am tempted to prescribe that physicians should never look online for information about their patients, though I think the practice will become only more common, given doctors’ — and all of our — growing dependence on technology. The more important question health care providers need to ask themselves is why we would like to.”

7 Inspiring Links, Books, and Changes

I love Matt from No Meat Athlete, and he always has great things to share. This post is no exception, and now my reading list is longer.

How Many Cheers for Cheerios?

In this column, Mark Bittman delves into what the new GMO-free label for Cheerios means, and what its side effects could be. “But it’s not as if General Mills — which was among the funders of the opposition to G.M.O.-labeling efforts in California and Washington — has made a principled decision, or has suddenly seen some kind of light. “

GMOs And The Dilemma Of Bias

I think there are legitimate issues and concerns with GMOs beyond those related to safety, but I do think it’s important for us to listen to the science and not what we wish the science said. “For those with a “green” disposition, the reaction to GMOs tends to one of opposition: GMOs are not safe and should be banned. But what happens if a careful analysis of the current state of the science points in the opposite direction?”

Achieving Your Goals in 2014: A Recipe for Success

This goes right along with my post this week about identity – and more about how it can be beneficial in achieving the goals we set for ourselves. “James Clear suggests the trick is to focus on identity based change rather than results. For example, to be a better yogi, you have to imagine yourself as a person who gets on the mat every damn day, and then achieve this vision through small surmountable wins.” 


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