NF Update, Week 4 and an Aside About Yoga and Running

I had a lovely evening last night, even though I was scrambling to finish packing for flying to icebox that is New York today. (Seriously, I don’t even have the right clothes for a high of 19 degrees. What does that even mean?!) It wasn’t particularly lovely because I got a lot done or I spent it with Alex (although both of those things are true). And although it was a beautiful day yesterday, that wasn’t the reason either:


Mostly, it was great because in yoga last night, somehow the “off switch” on my monkey mind was switched off and it stayed off for the whole evening. I wasn’t stressed about getting everything done on my to do list, I just did it. I didn’t worry about the fact that I threw a bunch of things in a pot and called it soup – we ate it and it was edible. I didn’t look around at the messiness of our  house and think “I have to clean it!” I wasn’t freaking out about this semester, wondering how I’ll handle microbiology, biochemistry, and precalculus, with a little physiology thrown in for good measure.

I just did what I needed to do; took breaks to pet the cats; got into bed too late but was still able to fall asleep and wake up bright and early this morning to take care of some last minute tasks before I head off to freeze. Now the trick is to figure out how to replicate that because I’m going to need this sort of calm if I’m going to manage the next three months (see class schedule above). I plan to write more about how yoga and mediation are working for me, but that’s a longer and more in depth post to come!

For good measure, here are my latest Nerd Fitness numbers:

  • Deadlifts: 110 pounds, barbell
  • Push ups, 3 sets: 15/12/10
  • Bent over row: 70 pound barbell
  • Push press: 25 pounds, each hand
  • Lunges: 30 pounds, each hand
  • Front squats: 70 pound barbell

Nothing has changed since last week. I got a cold at the end of last week and decided not to push it, so I stuck with my weights and focused on form.

In other news, Alex and I signed up for a race on April 13! It’s the Presidio 10, which is the first race we ever ran several years ago. I’m pretty excited about it, and also keeping training low key. I’m using a modified half marathon training schedule. I’m not expecting to PR, because I’m not planning on putting in the requisite effort to do so. This race is the motivation to build my base back up, and then figure out a way to maintain it year round so I don’t end up with these huge gaps and losses it running fitness. I’m so consistent in my life with other things, but running, not so much. This time I intend to schedule out training not just leading up to the race, but also for after the race, so I can just keep checking off the boxes. What can I say – I’m a box checker!

Have you signed up for any races lately? How do you find your inner calm?


2 thoughts on “NF Update, Week 4 and an Aside About Yoga and Running

  1. I’ve got my eye on a local 10 miler that will be right on track for my half marathon in May. They just announced a smaller half marathon in town in November, but I’m a bit skeptical-November in Nebraska could be 50 or could be 5. I’m not sure I’m into committing to such a weather unknown.

    Way to find your calm with yoga! I recently promised myself I didn’t have to go back to yoga until I was ready. I’m kinda backwards-the more they try to center, calm, and relax me, the more I fight it and worry about what I’m NOT doing during that time-not running, not lifting, not raising my heart rate. I currently operate my fitness on too big of an “ego” place to really excel at yoga-it’s all about stretching farther, faster, longer for me instead of enjoying myself. Hopefully my pendulum will swing back that way someday, but for now it just makes me too anxious to be beneficial.

    • Hi Laura! November in Nebraska sounds a little terrifying to me – but I’m clearly a wimp from living in California my whole life! I think 10 miles is a great race distance – far enough to feel hard but not overwhelming.

      Good for you for recognizing what works for you and what doesn’t. As much as I get out of yoga, I don’t think it’s the only way to find that calm. I know a lot of people that get it from running. And just to say, I definitely have classes where I am pushing myself to stretch further or do a more complicated version of the pose. And I totally have classes where I fall out of everything or can’t go as far and get super frustrated with myself; my ego is my constant companion, even in yoga. But as I’ve been going regularly for a few months, I will say those days are fewer and farther between and I’m finding that I can let some of it go both on the mat and off, which is nice!

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