How Moving is Like Running

I’m really terrible at telling people news. When we got engaged, I was so awkward about it. People I hadn’t seen in a while would ask, “so how are things?” and I would say “Oh, they’re good, how are you?” and then 15 minutes into the conversation I would clumsily interject “oh and we got engaged!” Or someone would notice my ring and ask, which is somehow worse, like I was trying to keep it a secret! This happens when I make travel plans or when I’ve quit jobs or when I’ve found new jobs! I’m just bad at it because I’m always more interested in hearing what other folks are up to. For this, I am thankful for Facebook – now I’m just weird online.

Clearly, this is a quirk that goes along with my general awkward nature but this whole lead in is to say that I have big news – I got into graduate school! And we’re moving to Seattle! Whoa! (That was still pretty awkward).


We’re not actually moving for another 6 months, so there’s enough time to say “see ya later” to my beloved family, friends, and beloved San Francisco. I’m already brainstorming a bucket list that includes a lot of visits to my favorite restaurants. I’ll share it here once its done so we can adventure together.  It’s a little weird to have so much time knowing that we’re moving, without actually moving, but I’m thankful for it.


Wanting to make the most of every moment left in SF, I went on an 8 mile solo run this weekend and was able to glimpse both bridges and hit up the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market for a post run juice and a few things for lunch.IMG_3709

Actually getting out the door took considerable motivation, and the first few miles were rough. But I was finally able to settle into my rhythm. I guess that’s what moving will be like, too. It’ll be hard to get out the door of our home in San Francisco, and rough to transition to a new city and new school, but eventually we’ll settle in and find our rhythm, no doubt with the help of the awesome friends we have there. Plus, there’s so much good food and a chocolate factory. I don’t really think it can be bad.

Cheers to adventure and exploring new places!

Any Seattle-ites out there have tips for me? What would be on your Bay Area bucket list? 


One thought on “How Moving is Like Running

  1. Ahhhh. Lizzzzz. Your have a way with words. Congrats on this next mini chapter in your maxi life! Make sure you have a guest room in your new location;)

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