Links Worth Sharing: Confidence, Vegan Privilege, The Inner Lives of Zoo Animals, and more!

Confidence is a Feminist Issue from Fit is a Feminist Issue

“Confidence is a feminist issue because, as it turns out, there is a confidence gap.  Men are way more confident than women in all sorts of ways, and in a world where confidence takes people further than competence, that cashes out into all sorts of systemic advantages for men.”

Seaweed and Edamame Salad | Thoughts on Vegan Privilege from Farmers Market Vegan

Brilliant reflection on the intersection of a vegan lifestyle and privilege, plus a delicious recipe! “Equally important, however, is that in such a privileged position, I must also engage in actively combating the problematic aspects of the vegan movement, in part by constantly reminding myself that the privilege enabling my vegan lifestyle exists among the phenomena that I actively seek to combat. “

Six Months Ago I Recommitted to FItness and Here’s What Happened from Nerd Fitness

This article really inspired me to push myself and get more diligent about my workouts and heathy eating. It’s also a good reminder that no one, even someone that runs a fitness site, is “perfect” all the time. “If I had been focused on the prize (some arbitrary number of the scale), and I reached it just now, I could then say, “Mission accomplished! Now I can go back to doing what I was doing!” However, because I fell in love with the process, I really don’t feel like I’m racing towards a goal, but rather enjoying each and every workout, trying to figure out if I can set a new personal record each day.  There’s a starting line, but no finish line…I’m never asking “Are we there yet?!” I’m just enjoying each and every day.”

Zoo Animals and Their Discontents from The New York Times 

A fascinating look at the emotional lives of zoo animals. ” A profusion of recent studies has shown animals to be far closer to us than we previously believed — it turns out that common shore crabs feel and remember pain, zebra finches experience REM sleep, fruit-fly brothers cooperate, dolphins and elephants recognize themselves in mirrors, chimpanzees assist one another without expecting favors in return and dogs really do feel elation in their owners’ presence.”


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