Goodbye SF, Hello Seattle!

So we’re officially Seattlites! We had a big, glitter-filled send-off in San Francisco, complete with cupcakes and champagne and most of our awesome friends from the Bay Area. It was bittersweet, and I wish I could bring them all with me on this adventure, but Alex and I finished the weekend feeling so loved and cared for. And thanks to technology, and planes, we’ll be staying in touch with folks and having visits often! We also managed to squeeze in a good-bye beach trip, a run to the Ferry Building, and coffee and toast at The Mill – all SF essentials for us. 

IMG_0013 IMG_4935 IMG_4893 IMG_4930IMG_4903

On Sunday we packed up the cats and the car and hit the road. We drove to Ashland on Sunday night and on to Seattle on Monday. Many people have asked how the cats did. Sunday’s drive was a little rough; cats unfortunately can’t communicate the way people can, at least verbally. We certainly understood what happened when Runty started flinging pee at us through the front of her carrier. We cleaned her up as best we could in a questionably-clean gas station bathroom and got on our way. They did fine at the hotel, and Monday’s drive went smoothly without any accidents and minimal meowing.

We also ate some great food on the road. In Ashland, we had breakfast at NW Raw; it’s pricey for the portion size, but it was healthy, tasty, and filling. In Portland, we had lunch at Blossoming Lotus. Well, we got food at Blossoming Lotus and ate in the car because it was super hot and I did not want to leave the cats alone. We had a vegan Brie and Fig sandwich and a vegan BBQ bowl and both of them were amazing. I definitely want to try and recreate the sandwich at home.

And then we were in Seattle! We ate pizza on the floor of our new apartment, with my college roommate who live close by! – and promptly passed out onto our air mattress. We’ve been exploring our neighborhood, checking out restaurants, coffee shops, running routes, gyms, and grocery stores and just giving ourselves a little time to settle. I start school in a few weeks, so I’m looking forward to having some time to get our stuff organized and put away before classes begin…it just has to get here first. 

IMG_4987 IMG_4971 IMG_4989 IMG_5001 IMG_5003 

Our stuff is due to arrive Monday, so we’ve been living out of a few boxes and with limited kitchen supplies – it’s basically Burning Man without the dust and wind. I’m really excited to have all of our cooking tools back and get everything cleaned and organized! I’ll feel a lot more settled.

In addition to the obvious logistical issues at hand that come with moving, there are a lot of feelings. I mean, I have a lot of feelings on a normal day and if you toss moving into the mix, it’s like a feelings explosion. But my mantra for this transition period is, “the only way out is through.” Pretending my feelings aren’t there isn’t going to work. Trying to force them away isn’t going to work. But acknowledging them, embracing them, and then moving on from them probably will work so that’s the approach I’m taking.

I also plan to be here more, despite the fact that I’ll be busier with school. I’ve actually found that the busier I am, the more productive I am. A few years ago, I was blogging, creating new recipes, and marathon training WHILE working full time and commuting 2 hours a day. This summer, I was mostly packing and hanging out with family and friends, and I managed to write a paltry amount. Some of the things I plan to write about…

  • Transitioning to a new city
  • Cooking adventures in a new kitchen environment (I’m going from a full size gas range to a half size electric one!)
  • Seattle outdoor adventures (I’m eager to hike, stand up paddle board, kayak, cross country ski, snowshoe, rock climb, and all the other awesome things out there!)
  • Graduate school learnings
  • Building an at home yoga practice (From a financial and scheduling perspective, I don’t think regular studio classes are in the cards for me, but I’d love to explore a dedicated at home practice)
  • Explorations about the overlap of food and social justice

I’m feeling energized and motivated around writing in a way that I haven’t in a long time. In addition to “the only way out is through” I’ve also learned that “things get done when you do them.” Things don’t get done when you think about doing them. Or plan to do them. Or talk about doing them. As satisfying as all those things are, things actually get done by doing. And sometimes that’s scary because who knows how it will turn out when you actually start doing? There’s little risk of failure in talking about something; there’s a much larger one in actually doing. But one of my new mottos is “fail upwards!” so I better be pushing myself pretty hard. 


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