Links Worth Sharing: Racism in Healthcare, Population Growth & Economics, and The Reality Behind Fair Trade

To End Population Growth, Spread the Wealth via Grist

“‘If you want parents to make the choice to reduce their number of offspring, there’s no better way than making sure those offspring survive,’ he said. ‘There’s no example of decline in fertility that has not been preceded by a decline in child mortality that I know of.'”

Fair Trade: Using Poverty to Sell…More via Casual Kitchen

“‘…for each dollar paid by an American consumer for a fair-trade product, only three cents more are transferred to the country it came from than for the unlabeled alternative.'”

12 Ways to Be a White Ally To Black People via The Root

“So let’s talk about an active role for white people in the fight against racism, because racism burdens all of us and is destroying our communities. White people have a role in undoing racism because white people created and, for the most part, currently maintain (whether they want to or not) the racist system that benefits white people to the detriment of people of color.”

How Racism Creeps into Medicine via The Atlantic 

“Today, doctors examine our lungs using spirometers that are “race corrected.” Normal values for lung health are reduced for patients that doctors identify as black. Not only might this practice mask economic or environmental explanations for lower lung capacity, but the logic of innate, racial difference is built into things like disability estimates, pre-employment physicals, and clinical diagnoses that rely on the spirometer. Race has become a biologically distinct, scientifically valid category despite the unnatural and social process of its creation.”


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