Race Recap: Beat The Blerch 10K

Alex and I are big fans of The Oatmeal, so when we found out about the Beat The Blerch race a few months ago, we were stoked. It’s based on this hilarious comic about why the author of The Oatmeal started doing long distance running. It was happening in Seattle right after we moved! It seemed perfect. Except that it sold out in like 30 seconds. I decided we’d sign up to volunteer for the race, but then they opened up a whole second day of races on Saturday – never underestimate the power of Internet humor to motivate people!

So we trekked out to Carnation, which is east of Seattle, to run this weekend. The race didn’t start until 10 am and we didn’t have to leave until 8:30! Most races I have run have started at 8 or 8:30 am, and I didn’t know what to do with all my extra time in the morning! It was nice to not have to rush our the door though.

I didn’t take the race super seriously; our training wasn’t too rigorous because of the move and my end goal was to feel good and enjoy the run. It wasn’t too challenging because the race course was beautiful!


The weather was perfect – overcast but not too chilly and Tolt-MacDonald was just stunning. There were long stretches of trees and a river ran alongside the course and there were lots of lovely bridges; I’d say it was probably one of the most beautiful races I’ve run!

In addition to being beautiful, the race had character. At the halfway point, you could enjoy nutella sandwiches or birthday cake, and take a little nap on the couches they had set up. While the idea of eating that much sugar while running makes me queasy, Alex indulged and hung out with a Blerch for a little while taking a break.



A champ needs his rest!

We ended up running it at 9:08 pace and finishing in 56:35, which is certainly not my fastest race ever, but was relatively speedy for how hard I’ve been training. I’m mostly just thrilled that it was fun and I got to enjoy it rather than pushing myself too hard. I know it was the first of many great races in Seattle!



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